Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A farewell to Blogspot

After having Social Rupture up on Blogspot for probably far too long, I've decided to move it to Tumblr, as the interface is far more intuitive and it generally runs a lot quicker for me. Besides, it's totally in vogue right now and let's face it, Blogspot is soooo 2008.

Anyways, the new address is http://socialrupture.tumblr.com -- So update your bookmarks and start following Social Rupture on there if you so desire.

This Blogspot will probably stick around for a while so people can update their bookmarks or whatever, but I'll probably stick in an HTML redirect code to point this site to Tumblr in a few weeks or so.

Thanks for keeping up with the blog.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pigs found guilty of murder in Alexandros Grigoropoulos case -- Greece

A few minutes ago the court in the remote town of Amfissa reached a verdict for the two murderers of Alexandros; both have been found guilty. Korkoneas was actually found guilty for charges even heavier than the original (manslaughter with possible malice turned into manslaughter with direct malice). The course decided not to recognise any mitigating factors for Korkoneas.

Saraliotis, the second cop, was also found guilty for accomplice to the manslaughter. At this moment the court is deciding whether to recognise any mitigating factors for him.

More info as it comes.


Riot results in 100 arrests, torched cop car -- Johannesburg, South Africa

About 100 people were arrested during a riot on Tuesday at the Lion Park informal settlement, which involved the torching of a metro police vehicle and the firing of rubber bullets on Tuesday.

Metro police spokesperson Edna Mamonyane said that her colleagues were monitoring the protest, just off Malibongwe Drive, north west of Johannesburg, when one of their vehicles was burnt out.

Metro police called for back up and more policemen arrived. Rubber bullets were used to disperse the crowd and the arrests were made.

Those arrested were taken to the Honeydew police station in preparation for charges of public violence, arson and damage to council property.

The latter charge relates to items like notebooks, rain coats and reflective glasses that were destroyed when the car was torched.

A wallet with bank cards was also lost in the fire.

"The situation now is very quiet after most of the protesters were arrested," said Mamonyane.

She said that a group called Itsoseng Community had applied for permission to protest, saying they would be at the local football field where they were going to wait for the office of the premier to receive a memorandum relating to service delivery.

There were no injuries, to Mamonyane's knowledge.

Comment from a group representative was not immediately available.


Railway lines damaged after theft -- Selby, England

POLICE are hunting for thieves who stole metal cable from a railway line in Selby causing £100,000 damage.

The thieves risked life and limb to steal high-voltage electricity cables the railway line near to Hambleton South Junction in Selby, say police.

PC Jacqueline Wilson, the investigating officer, said that 180 metres of cable was stolen, but that nearly 1,000 metres will need to be replaced as a result.

"The act of stealing cable is extremely dangerous and we want to hear from anyone with any information about this incident,” she said.

"What the thieves don't realise is that they are working on live cable, carrying up to 25,000 volts, which can cause extensive burns. By attempting to steal it they are seriously putting their lives at risk.”

The damage the railway line near to Hambleton South Junction in Selby was discovered by Network Rail engineers on Wednesday September 22, who reported the damage to police.

PC Wilson said there has been a soaring rise in copper thefts in the past year, fuelled by increasing commodity prices, and said cable and metal theft is a constant issue for British Transport Police.

"Officers visit scrap yards to monitor goods which are brought in to quickly identify stolen cable as many thieves look to make money by selling their material on,” she said.

"We have also increased surveillance and patrols in problematic areas and hot-spots as well as fitting covert cameras to film the thieves at work and bring them to justice."

Network Rail said that as soon as a cable was cut, trains had to stop for safety reasons and it could be several hours before services could be resumed, meaning a a major impact on its performance and a constant drain on resources.


RAAN Makes smash on Democratic Campaign HQ -- Modesto, CA

Modesto police are looking into whether vandalism at the Stanislaus County Democratic Campaign Headquarters over the weekend was politically motivated.

Party leaders say vandals threw rocks through five of 11 windows on the building and spray-painted "RAAN" on the wall. Regional director Gary Robbins told KXTV that the initials stand for "Reds and Anarchists."

Police say the attack happened sometime between late Friday and early Sunday. The windows displayed signs for Democratic campaigns, including that of Sen. Barbara Boxer.

No nearby buildings were damaged, and no arrests have been made.

Volunteers spent Sunday cleaning up the mess, putting off their campaign work with just four weeks left before the election.


Two hackers sentenced after stealing $70 million from banks -- United States

Two Russian students from an international group of hackers suspected of stealing at least $70 million from bank accounts worldwide have been sentenced to short prison terms and fines after they pleaded guilty to money laundering in the United States, RIA-Novosti reported Friday.

The suspects had faced up to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $500,000 on a variety of charges, including money laundering, bank fraud and identity theft.

A total of 22 Russians are suspected of belonging to the criminal group.

A Manhattan court sentenced Alexander Sorokin, 23, to six months in prison and a $100 fine on Tuesday, said Alexander Otchaynov, the Russian deputy consul in New York, RIA-Novosti reported.

But Sorokin, who had been released on bail, did not show up for the hearing and may face a more severe punishment if he has no reasonable excuse for his absence or has gone into hiding, Otchaynov said.

The other student, Anton Yuferitsyn, 26, was handed a 10-month prison term and a fine of $38,413 on June 25.

The court will deliver a verdict for the only other student who has pleaded guilty, Alexander Fyodorov, 24, on Jan. 5.

On Oct. 14, the court will open preliminary hearings into a fourth suspect, Kristina Svechinskaya.


Medical workers clash with police over pay -- Paris, France

A group of nurses have clashed with riot police in the French capital as the health workers protested over pay.

Wearing blue scrubs, surgical masks and caps, hundreds nurses marched through the French capital before trying to reach the presidential palace. They were intercepted by dozens of policemen who wrestled some to the ground. Police lobbed tear gas canisters to disperse the crowd.

Philippe Crepel, a nurse with the CGT union, said Friday's rally was the sixth of its kind in Paris since March.


Bourgeosie homes vandalized -- Hartlepool, England

POLICE are hunting vandals who caused more than £2,000 of damage to a solicitors office and targeted the entrances of two plush homes.

Yobs poured creosote through a window and the letterbox of Smith and Graham Solicitors, in Church Square, Hartlepool.

Investigators believe the attacks are linked to an incident in The Parade, Hartlepool, where paint was thrown against a wall and gates of luxury houses.

The first incident took place on Saturday, September 18, when a side window of the solicitors was smashed and the culprits poured a thick-oily substance through the hole.

Then between 7pm on Wednesday, October 6, and 7am the following day, more creosote was poured through the letterbox of the main doors, which ran down and out along the concrete steps.

Officers were also called to adjoining houses in The Parade, near Ward Jackson Park, in Hartlepool, after their owners woke to find white paint splattered across their property on Thursday morning.

A clean-up crew spent hours blasting the unsightly stains off the bricks and wood.
One of the homeowners, who said she did not want to be named, told the Mail: "We found out from some friends who passed and said the wall was all covered in white paint and that it was in a right mess.

"There was white all over it and over the gates, and the security key pad was also covered.

"It's just mindless what they have done, I don't understand why. Maybe they just saw the big wall and thought it would be a good idea.

"That's all I know. I'm just thankful that it's coming off and hope it doesn't happen again."

Police are now appealing for help in catching those responsible.

A Cleveland Police spokeswoman said: "Police in Hartlepool are investigating two separate incidents of criminal damage at Smith and Graham Solicitors, in Church Square, and are urging witnesses to come forward.

"We believe they are linked to an incident in The Parade where white paint was thrown against a wall and gates."


Three inmates escape from jail -- Howell County, MO

Officials are searching for three inmates who escaped from a Howell County jail

Howell County is in southern Missouri about 45 minutes from Mountain Home, Ark.

Officials are searching for three male inmates, Daniel Wilson, Carey Reese and Shawn Clark.

Officials have expanded their search for the inmates into Ozark County, Mo., which borders Arkansas.

Howell County officials said the three were last seen in a 2007 white Chevrolet Silverado with Missouri plates FAJ 189.

Officials believe the three are armed and dangerous.


Masked robbers pull off successful bank heist -- Portland, OR

Two suspects in masks entered a Northeast Portland bank Friday afternoon, discharged their guns, and left with an unknown amount of money, according to Portland Police.

The robbery took place at about 12:45 p.m. at 4920 NE 42nd Ave., and police continue to search for the suspects, both of whom are described as wearing gray hooded sweatshirts.

Three employees at the U.S. Bank fled to a nearby ice cream shop and called 9-1-1, according to one employee.

"Three bank employees came running out saying the bank was being violently robbed," said Catlin Moser, who was at Roses Ice Cream.

Moser said the employees reported the two robbers were wearing "Shrek-style Halloween masks" as they entered the bank.

Shots were fired but no one was injured during the robbery, and contrary to an initial witness report, no hostages were taken, according to Portland Police.

Police and investigators from the FBI continue to work on the robbery case.


Garment workers riot over labor dispute -- Jordan

Jordanian police fired tear gas at Sri Lankan garment workers, after the workers threw stones damaging a police vehicle and injuring police officers following a dispute at the garment factory.

The Sri Lankan workers had demanded that their employer removes a Sri Lankan supervisor at the factory and provides them with accommodation. The factory had agreed to the demands after several meetings with the workers. When the employer tried to convey the acceptance of the demands, stones were thrown at the police officers escorting the garment officials, and the Jordanian police had then fired tear gas, Kingsley Ranawaka, Chairman of the Foreign Employment Bureau told the Daily Mirror online The Sri Lankan embassy officials are also in discussion with the workers and are trying to resolve the matter, Ranawaka added.


Burglary nets dozens of clothing racks -- Carlstadt, NJ

Thieves backed a truck up to a warehouse loading dock on Grand Street during an overnight burglary this week and took off with dozens of racks of clothes valued at $150,000, police said.

The incident, which happened between 7 p.m. Monday and 9:55 a.m. Tuesday, is under investigation.

It the latest in a rash of robberies and petty crimes that have concerned police.

"We’ve responded to scams, identity theft and companies getting stuck with non-payment on credit cards …" Detective John Cleary said. "We are seeing fraud, forgery and an increase in theft. We’ve been seeing a big increase in them."

Many of the crimes occur in the borough’s corporate and industrial area, he said.

With fewer than 6,000 residents and 4.2 square miles, the borough’s population increases to 21,000 during workdays, he said.

Earlier this year, the corporate park was rocked by a botched heist of a perfume warehouse on Gotham Parkway, in which thieves — including three New York City police officers — tied up employees while they loaded trucks.

The perfume heist was "unusual," Cleary said, because it was an armed robbery.

He said detectives have been investigating numerous less-publicized crimes in recent months.

One is a rash of complaints from motorists about vehicle break-ins at off-site parking lots in the borough during football games at the New Meadowlands Stadium.

Even with the heavy caseload, he said he’s confident that the department has solid leads on finding the thieves who stole the clothes from the warehouse.

"They loaded the merchandise on a stolen truck that has a GPS [tracking system]," Cleary said. "We have certain locations [identified where they have gone]. … They probably didn’t know there was a GPS system in the truck."


Slingshot vandals smash 20 businesses up -- Orlando, FL

Vandals using slingshots shattered windows at 20 businesses Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

Police also said seven vehicles were entered by thieves in the south end of the city.

Capt. Rob Hicks said authorities were not certain if the vandalism and break-ins were linked. No suspects have been arrested yet in either crime spree.


Antifa clash with fascists and police -- Leicester, England

Rival protesters fought running battles in the street after a demonstration in the Midlands erupted in violence.

The English Defence League and Unite Against Fascism staged protests in Leicester yesterday, prompting the city’s largest policing operation in 25 years.

About 1,000 EDL members and 700 UAF supporters were estimated to have descended on the city by 2.30pm and were involved in hurling bricks, bottles, smoke bombs and fireworks at officers.

A total of 13 men were arrested, the majority for public order offences.

One policeman was taken to hospital after he suffered injuries and the windows of the International Arts Centre, in Humberstone Gate East, were smashed when rocks were hurled.

Police had tried to marshall the rival groups, who were penned in by metal barriers in Humberstone Gate East, but violent clashes broke out away from the demonstration between EDL supporters and members of the local black and Asian community.

The EDL supporters ran away from the pre-arranged protest site to a nearby main road where they confronted gangs of local youths. Sporadic fighting broke out between the two sides at 4pm while riot police sought to maintain control.

Five people had been arrested by 5pm – one on suspicion of drugs offences, two for possession of an offensive weapon and two for minor public order offences.

EDL members said they were demonstrating against what they say is radical Islam – but have been branded racist by rival UAF supporters. Many members of the right wing group carried placards bearing slogans such as “Sharia laws will destroy Britain and all our British values”.

There were fears that the protest could spread to other cities after the EDL was banned by Home Secretary Theresa May from marching through Leicester.

Officers were on standby in Coventry after EDL spokesman Tommy Robinson posted a video on Youtube, claiming that the group was planning to travel there after the Leicester protest.

Chief Inspector Mark Markham, from West Midlands Police, confirmed the protest did not continue in Coventry. He said police had followed coaches carrying EDL supporters along the M69, onto the M6 and passed the exits for Coventry.

Leicestershire Police said: “Officers dealt with minor disorder among the EDL supporters on Humberstone Gate East. A number of protesters were detained for possible public order offences.

“In line with the policing plan for the protests, further officers in protective clothing have been mobilised and are supporting the police already stationed in the protest area. The disturbance is within the EDL supporter group, not directed at the counter protesters.”

Last week Home Secretary Theresa May authorised a blanket ban on marches in Leicester, but the groups were still permitted to hold static demonstrations.

Previous EDL protests in Dudley and Stoke-on-Trent have ended in violence.


Thief makes off with $62,000 diamond -- Copley Township, OH

From getting engaged to engaging in crime, a man steals one giant gem from a local high-end jewelry store.

On Saturday, October 2nd, the man arrived at Jared's Galleria of Jewelry on Medina Road in Copley, asking specifically for a 4-carat solitaire diamond.

Police say the suspect told a sales associate he was getting engaged, and his fiancee had asked for a 4-carat stone.

Investigators say the employee then showed the man a dazzling 4-carat Leo Diamond, and a size-7 white gold band.

The entire exchange was caught on store surveillance video.

It shows the two talking for more than 15 minutes, when suddenly the man grabs the diamond and the setting, valued at just over $62,000, and dashes out of the front doors.

"They were obviously shocked," said Detective David Moore of the Copley Police Department.

The suspect is said to have short hair, a goatee, a mustache and tattoos on the right side of his neck.

He was wearing a white, long-sleeve dress shirt, black pants and black shoes.

A similar crime was committed earlier that same day in the Pittsburgh area leading authorities to believe it might be the same suspect.

"We are looking into the possibly that these two may be linked," said Detective Moore.

Multiple agencies are searching for the suspect and the jewelry industry has been alerted to the suspect and his tactics. Detective Moore advises people shopping for a diamond to be very careful.

"There's a multitude of ways of getting rid of stones, from selling them to unsuspecting buyers at stores or on the internet, to selling it to unsuspecting patrons or having it cut."