Monday, October 11, 2010

Thief makes off with $62,000 diamond -- Copley Township, OH

From getting engaged to engaging in crime, a man steals one giant gem from a local high-end jewelry store.

On Saturday, October 2nd, the man arrived at Jared's Galleria of Jewelry on Medina Road in Copley, asking specifically for a 4-carat solitaire diamond.

Police say the suspect told a sales associate he was getting engaged, and his fiancee had asked for a 4-carat stone.

Investigators say the employee then showed the man a dazzling 4-carat Leo Diamond, and a size-7 white gold band.

The entire exchange was caught on store surveillance video.

It shows the two talking for more than 15 minutes, when suddenly the man grabs the diamond and the setting, valued at just over $62,000, and dashes out of the front doors.

"They were obviously shocked," said Detective David Moore of the Copley Police Department.

The suspect is said to have short hair, a goatee, a mustache and tattoos on the right side of his neck.

He was wearing a white, long-sleeve dress shirt, black pants and black shoes.

A similar crime was committed earlier that same day in the Pittsburgh area leading authorities to believe it might be the same suspect.

"We are looking into the possibly that these two may be linked," said Detective Moore.

Multiple agencies are searching for the suspect and the jewelry industry has been alerted to the suspect and his tactics. Detective Moore advises people shopping for a diamond to be very careful.

"There's a multitude of ways of getting rid of stones, from selling them to unsuspecting buyers at stores or on the internet, to selling it to unsuspecting patrons or having it cut.",0,1616722.story

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