Monday, October 11, 2010

Bourgeosie homes vandalized -- Hartlepool, England

POLICE are hunting vandals who caused more than £2,000 of damage to a solicitors office and targeted the entrances of two plush homes.

Yobs poured creosote through a window and the letterbox of Smith and Graham Solicitors, in Church Square, Hartlepool.

Investigators believe the attacks are linked to an incident in The Parade, Hartlepool, where paint was thrown against a wall and gates of luxury houses.

The first incident took place on Saturday, September 18, when a side window of the solicitors was smashed and the culprits poured a thick-oily substance through the hole.

Then between 7pm on Wednesday, October 6, and 7am the following day, more creosote was poured through the letterbox of the main doors, which ran down and out along the concrete steps.

Officers were also called to adjoining houses in The Parade, near Ward Jackson Park, in Hartlepool, after their owners woke to find white paint splattered across their property on Thursday morning.

A clean-up crew spent hours blasting the unsightly stains off the bricks and wood.
One of the homeowners, who said she did not want to be named, told the Mail: "We found out from some friends who passed and said the wall was all covered in white paint and that it was in a right mess.

"There was white all over it and over the gates, and the security key pad was also covered.

"It's just mindless what they have done, I don't understand why. Maybe they just saw the big wall and thought it would be a good idea.

"That's all I know. I'm just thankful that it's coming off and hope it doesn't happen again."

Police are now appealing for help in catching those responsible.

A Cleveland Police spokeswoman said: "Police in Hartlepool are investigating two separate incidents of criminal damage at Smith and Graham Solicitors, in Church Square, and are urging witnesses to come forward.

"We believe they are linked to an incident in The Parade where white paint was thrown against a wall and gates."

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