Saturday, September 25, 2010

Anarchists attack two media vans -- Santa Cruz, CA

Communique from a couple whatever singularities:

"Sunday September 19. San Lorenzo Park. Tire slashed on media van in broad daylight during Take Back Santa Cruz event.

The media is not objective. The existence of mass media is a symptom of a fundamentally alienated society. In turn, the media reproduces this alienation. They repeat police propaganda and brainwash people to be afraid of everyone around them. They tame struggles against the status quo by encouraging us to become media activists. To actually get out of the capitalist hell we live in, we need to meet other people and have unmediated conversations. Then, we organize to attack capitalism. Activists who pander to the media and democratic values are worse than useless.

Take Back Santa Cruz wants to drive poor people out of Santa Cruz. Especially people of color and the homeless. Well, we aren't going anywhere. You want the City Council to become even more repressive, in the name of public safety. You want more cops. You're a bunch of snitches and wannabe vigilantes. But you can't even prevent an attack on your event in the middle of the day.

We are uncontrollable."

And nearby, a comment in the Indymedia article repoted:

"UCSC "Media Services" van attacked that very sunday night. 'Expect Resistance' tagged over one whole side among other things."


Lily Bell said...

love that passage about the media

great posts!

Anonymous said...

in the comments its also mentioned people attacked a UCSC Media Van. Also a Police riot at the UCSC Campus on Friday night.

Anonymous said...

The media deserves more attacks then it receives.