Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vandals shoot out police and other car windows -- Kearns, UT

About a half-dozen cars, including a Unified Police Department vehicle, had their windows shot out sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

"At least four or five vehicles were hit," said UPD Lt. Don Hutson.

The vandalism spree happened along Impressions Drive, near 5500 West, and between 5700 South and 5900 South, Hutson said. Cars parked along the street or in their driveways had their side or rear windows shot out. The back window of a UPD Durango was among the vehicles hit.

"It appears some sort of object was propelled into the windows," Hutson said.

The object may have been bigger than a pellet or BB, he said. Early damage was estimated with in the thousands of dollars.

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