Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Man dies in attack on police station -- Dallas, TX

A 29-year-old US man has died in a gunfight after he opened fire on a Texas police station.

Patrick Gray Sharp towed a trailer full of explosive materials into the Dallas station's car park in McKinney, set fire to his truck and began shooting at the building, police officials said.

Police chief Doug Kowalski said Sharp died after a shootout with officers but it is unclear whether he was killed by an officer's bullet or one of his own.

No-one else was injured during the Tuesday morning clash, which led to nearby Collin College locking down its campus and warning students and staff to stay home

Sharp may have intended to lure people from the police station so he could shoot at them from a field across the street where he had taken position, Mr Kowalski said. He also may have intended to kill them by blowing up the trailer, he said.

The fire set off ammunition in the truck but failed to ignite the trailer, which was filled with wood chips, ammonium nitrate, petrol and road flares, Mr Kowalski said.

Investigators found an assault rifle, a shotgun and a handgun on Sharp. He fired at least 100 rounds at the police station and Mr Kowalski counted at least 23 bullet strikes on the building.

Sharp was found dead after police fired an unknown number of rounds while pursuing him in a line of trees where he had taken cover and into an open field near the college.

His room-mate, Eric McClellan, said there was nothing about Sharp that would lead him to believe he would try to attack police.

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