Monday, August 30, 2010

Guards open fire during prison riot -- Folsom, CA

Seven inmates injured in the Folsom Prison riot have been hospitalized with various injuries including gunshot wounds. Prison officials have not stated how many inmates were injured after officers opened fire to quell the riot that began at approximately 7:00 p.m. Friday night. Approximately 200 inmates were involved in the riot, but police are not saying what sparked the riot at Folsom Prison. The riot broke out in the recreation yard of the prison. None of the correctional officers were injured during the riot.

Officials as the prison are not releasing the exact injuries suffered by those who were hospitalized, but they are saying that none of the injuries to the inmates are life threatening.

Folsom Prison is a medium security prison, and was opened in 1880. Johnny Cash recorded a live album there, and wrote the hit song “Folsom Prison Blues” about the facility. The riot ended after approximately thirty minutes, and corrections officers fired tear gas, non-lethal rounds, and rounds from a mini-14 rifle. No employees of the prison were injured in the incident.

The Folsom Prison riot is the latest in a string of riots that has plagued the prison in recent years. The seven inmates injured in the riot are all expected to recover from their injuries. Police have not released what caused the riot, and the matter is still being investigated, but the prison is under lockdown while the investigation is occurring.

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