Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Solidarity for Oscar Grant -- USA

Police car attacked -- Tacoma, WA

A Tacoma police patrol car was vandalized early today parked outside the officer's North End home, the department reported.

The car's windows were smashed out and three of the tires slashed. The vandals spraypainted the rear panel and trunk area with the words, "Oscar Grant was here," Tacoma police spokesman Mark Fulghum said.

The officer interrupted the vandals, who ran off. A police dog searched the area but didn't find the suspects, Fulghum said.

The vandals were described as men wearing hooded sweatshirts. The patrol car was towed to Tacoma police headquarters for processing, Fulghum said.

The graffiti was a reference to the fatal shooting of Grant in California early on Jan. 1, 2009. He was not armed. The officer was found not guilty of second-degree murder and voluntary manslaughter Thursday. He was convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

The verdict led to protests and scores of arrests overnight in Oakland.


Black bloc throws down -- Portland, OR

At 10pm protesters marched from Peninsula Park occupying the streets and demonstrating against the police as a result of the verdict given to Oakland Police Officer Johannes Mehserle who killed Oscar Grant January 1st 2009.

Oakland BART police officer Johannes Mehserle fired a single shot in Oscar Grant's back and proceeded to handcuff him as he lay down in his own blood. What made this case so important is the overwhelming amount of evidence that was take by bystanders at the time. Although the police made every effort to confiscate any footage that would incriminate them and sweep yet another brutal case under the carpet, footage spread all over the internet and made the mainstream media. Riots ensued in the following days in Oakland and the police were unable to control the situation, forcing the Mayor and District Attorney to arrest and charge Mehserle.

Today Mehserle was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and not 2nd degree murder, or 1st degree murder as many would have desired. Portlanders mobilised at short notice to speak out against the police and the fresh verdict, marching to Martin Luther King Boulevard from the park shouting, "ACAB - All coppers are bastards" amongst other terms. The police were all over the scene, monitoring beforehand from afar as people gathered for the event. A number of windows were smashed at a Bank of America on Martin Luther King Blvd. and at Portland Community College - Cascades Campus. At all times the police urged the protesters to move on to the sidewalk or they would be arrested whilst two bike cops led the plethora of police cars.

At one point I was threatened with arrest for taking a picture in the street and was told to move immediately away from the scene. It seems that press freedom is not on the cards for the police here, and this is an important issue if people are to know what is really going on in their local town or community. (See Vol. XXX, Issue 2 of The Portland Alliance for an article relating to Fortune 500 corporations owning all American Wire services).

Oakland is now in the eyes of America for the wrong reasons at a time when budget cuts in California will see many loose their jobs on the Oakland police force. The verdict today is another loss for communities against the police and the brutal tactics they choose to employ in the line of duty.

The protesters split up fairly rapidly at the end and at least 3 arrests were made.


Police substation receives graffiti -- Seatle, WA


"Concerned community members from Seattle and Olympia took to the streets of Seattle, WA outraged over the verdict of "involuntary manslaughter" in the murder of Oscar Grant by Oakland Police officer Johannes Mehserle.

Many of you may be familiar of the case of the black teenager who was punched by a seattle officer for jaywalking. If not, a little background:

This comes on the heels of another video taped outrage at the hands of an SPD officer, this time with a Mexican "suspect":

However, [some of] the people are fighting back:

Tell a friend..."


Police substation also receives a sledgehammer -- Seattle, WA

Our news partners at The Seattle Times are reporting that the SPD drop-in location at 23rd and Union suffered its second violent attack within a week when a man and woman broke out three windows with a sledgehammer:

"At least four witnesses called 911 just before 11:30 p.m. Sunday to report hearing loud thuds as two people swung sledgehammers at the windows of the substation at the corner of 23rd Avenue and East Union Street, said police spokesman Jeff Kappel."

The suspects were spotted near 25th & Cherry, ID'd by the witnesses, and arrested for felony malicious mischief.

Last week protesters left anti-cop graffiti on the building following the California verdict against a police officer who shot and killed an unarmed man.


Police car attacked -- Santa Cruz, CA

The communique:

"R.I.P. Oscar Grant

On Friday night, we attacked an unmarked police car parked in the Seabright neighborhood, slashing all of its tires & breaking 4 of its windows. The message left on the car, "RIP Oscar", speaks for more than one victim of police violence, but for all of us who suffer under a police state.

From Oakland to Sac-Town,
The Bay Area and back down,


Police vehicles attacked -- Baltimore, MD

Le communique:

Early this morning in Baltimore, we defaced three police vehicles with slashed tires, spray paint, and feces on door handles & through an open window to say 'Fuck you'

and to express solidarity with the mobs rioting and looting in Oakland after the Oscar Grant verdict, and the 80+ people arrested there.

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