Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Grocery store smash n' grab -- Alapaha, GA

Authorities are searching for two smash and grabbers who broke into an Alapaha grocery before dawn Tuesday.

They shattered a glass door. Investigators say one of them turned off the the surveillance camera system, but not before they were caught on tape. We have the video to show you.

If you look in the corner of the screen you see one suspect run in. Berrien County authorities believe that person unplugged the video survelliance system at the Alapaha Station Food Depot. Before the video was stopped, they were caught on tape. The second suspect runs in jumps over the counter wearing a white hoodie and a bag on his shoulder.

"It's kind of a hot spot right here," said T.J. Griffin of Glass Unlimited.

The man looks around for money and then jumps back over the counter. Berrien County authorities say $1,000 was stolen in cash and coins.

"We've replaced a lot of broken glass in the front and a lot on the doors so we stay here a good bit," said Griffin.

Griffin says they've come out to repair glass here several times in a last seven years.

Pieces of glass are swept up. The burglars threw a brick through the door that completely shattered the glass.

"When they want to get in they'll use what they can to get in and it creates a lot of damage," said Griffin.

Rita Green of Green restaurant which is across the street from the Food Depot says someone's tried to break in the back door of the restaurant.

"It's just too many people breaking into other folks stuff," said Green. "It just needs to be stopped."

Investigators believe the suspects in the Food Depot burglary are customers of the store but they haven't identified them yet.

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