Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ALF sets fire to restaurant -- Sandy, UT

The fire at the Tiburon restaurant was small but enough to shut the place down.

"We don't know if they forced their way in or found an unlocked door," said Sandy Police Sergent Troy Arnold.

Overnight, ABC 4 News received this e-mail....It said, "The ALF (animal liberation front) is watching and there is nowhere to hide. The arson at the Tiburon restaurant in Sandy Utah was done because of there (sic) sale of Foie Gras (young duck) and other 'wild game'. Animals exist for there (sic) own purposes, not human ends. Go Vegan! ALF Lonewolf."

A spokesperson for ALF says the menu is a big problem with activists, "This is not a delicacy. It's nothing more than animal cruelty and animal abuse served on a plate."

ABC 4 News took the e-mail to Sandy Police, "Anytime we have a fire, particularly something that might be an arson and someone actually claims responsibility for it, it's concerning for the police department. We're going to take this information you brought to us seriously," said Sgt. Arnold.

Detectives took down clues that may lead to the identity of the so-called "Lonewolf". It's the third time Lonewolf has surfaced following a fire. The Tandy Leather Store in Salt Lake City and a Denver sheepskin shop were fires in which Lonewolf claimed it was done to save animals.

"Activists feel like they're in a position where their voices can't be heard, and as long as their voices can't be heard people will find other ways to get the message across," says spokesperson for ALF.

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