Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vandals wreck baseball diamond -- Vallejo, CA

For the second time in a week, the offices of the Babe Ruth League in Vallejo have been vandalized. And now, the vandals have become more brazen.

Graffiti on the grandstand at the main baseball diamond in Vallejo has been painted over, from vandalism earlier in the week. But now, League Field Representative John Larson says all ten plexi-glass windows were busted out.

”They left a note for us that said, ‘Wilson people, next time leave the doors unlocked,’” said Larson.

The baseball diamond is in Wilson Park. Larson says the vandals were unsuccessful at torching the offices.

”They tried to start a little bit of a fire. In the same place where we found the note we found some ashes where they tried to burn another piece of paper,” said Larson.

During the first break-in vandals destroyed 18 stadium lights, which had just been donated. They also smashed computers and spray painted trophies.

Police are now investigating the incident, lifting fingerprints and DNA from the note that was left behind.

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