Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Riots predicted if Oscar Grant trial is a not-guilty -- Oakland, CA

An e-mail from a cop predicts massive riots if the BART officer on trial for murdering Oscar Grant is found innocent. The e-mail indicates that there will be a short amount of time for police to prepare for riots if the officer is acquitted, but does not go into detail. The most interesting part of the article:

"Oakland PD is expecting riots (to the degree of the LA/Rodney King riots) if/when a not-guilty verdict is read. This is not an exaggeration. Every law enforcement agency in the area is preparing for large scale crowd control and vandalism. We will only be given a two-hour heads-up before the verdict is public. Intel has been gathered indicating a "professional" protest group, called the Black Bloc, is planning to organize in the area. The Black Bloc is an anarchy group or style which frequently uses Molotov cocktails and arson during demonstrations. They wear ski masks, gas masks, helmets and body armor and attack police."

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