Sunday, May 30, 2010

The simplicity of Rolex theft -- West Des Moines, IA

West Des Moines police have an expensive mystery to solve.

On Sunday afternoon, at least three people went on a theft spree at Valley West Mall. Police said they targeted Joseph's Jewelers and took some of the best watches from inside the store while it was open.

"Someone distracted one of the employees and then two of their people were right there and cut the caulking on the case, and reached in and grabbed the three Rolex watches," said Lt. Jeff Miller, of the West Des Moines Police Department.

Police said one watch was worth more than $10,000, another was worth $16,000 and the missing Rolex ladies watch was worth a $35,000. In all, the thieves grabbed more than $60,000 in merchandise.

Police said they are trying to review the Joseph's surveillance video, but they're also looking at other stores inside the mall to see if they can help crack the case.

"There were some people that were suspicious in the area and we're trying to track those down by looking at video throughout the mall, but right now, nothing concrete," said Miller.

Owner John Joseph told KCCI that his staff thinks one of the three men may have been in the store a day earlier to plan the theft. Miller said the thieves were likely professionals.

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