Friday, May 14, 2010

Anarchists continue to step up their game -- Portland, OR

Yet another fucking anonymous communique reads:

"Yesterday the police killed another person. We don't know many details but we don't need to know more details to be seething over this (though frankly we will probably never be told the full account). We aren't going to wait to watch the police demonize another person that would still be alive if there were no cops.

Last night a few individuals tired of people being murdered, set out to break all the windows of the "community" police station at N Denver and N Killpatrick.

We hope by this only to send a message "as long as you are around, killing, beating and threatening people there will be people working to destroy you"

Cops that killed Chasse, Campell, Colins and many others still threaten our communities with weapons and badges. Nothing changes, a new chief, another death. Write all the childrens books that you want, we still see the dead piling up.

Nothing changes, except windows in police stations.

With love,

Anarchists Against Windows"

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