Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Window smashed at Democratic Party HQ -- Anchorage, AK

A vandal smashed a window at the Alaska headquarters of the Alaska Democratic Party.

Executive Director Deborah Williams said Anchorage police initially suspected someone took a crowbar to the window Saturday night. By Monday afternoon police said it was a medium-to-large rock. The damage was discovered Sunday.

Dave Metheny, the statewide organizer for the party, says he left Friday night and came back on Sunday morning to find one of the windows smashed.

Williams says the vandalism is consistent with the recent string of violence against Democratic offices that followed the health care vote. She says they don't have evidence to really say it was an act of political violence, but the headquarters has also been receiving more aggressive phone calls this past week.

Police can't say for sure if the broken window was a targeted act because there were no witnesses, but they say it could be a possibility.

"It could have been targeted or it could have been just someone looking to break a window. The fact that it was the Democratic Party office would lead us to believe that probably this was a focused attack," said Lt. Dave Parker.

And it is similar to attacks on democratic headquarters across the nation in the wake of last week's health care reform vote.

Some say Republicans, including Sarah Palin, incited the violence, using words like "re-load," and, as she campaigns, using cross hairs for targeted congressional districts.

Campaigning this week, Palin defended her words.

"When we talk about fighting for our country, we're talking about our vote. Our vote is our arms," Palin said.

"We would certainly never advocate anybody using violence and vandalism. We want people to be a part of the democratic process and when they feel their values aren't being reflected in their leadership they need to organize with their family, their neighbors and other citizens in their community to take back those seats through the electoral process," said Casey Reynolds with the Republican Party of Alaska.

Reynolds says his office has also been vandalized in the past, and that it's not uncommon.

Williams says the Democratic Party of Alaska will now install security cameras to ensure the safety of its employees and property. She says they're not going to let the incident intimidate them.

Democrats are calling on all Alaskans to stop using inflammatory words and to engage in civil discourse, Williams said.

Damage to the office was estimated to be about $600.



Josh Painter said...

Meanwhile, the 2008 arson attack on the church Sarah Palin attends in Wasilla, Alaska continues to be an unsolved crime.

The arsonists poured accelerant around all of the building's exits and lit the blaze while several women were inside.

Do leftist blame Sarah Palin for this hate crime and act of violence also?

- JP

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone here is a leftist dude. Or a rightist for that matter. Left and right political spectrum debates are fucking childish.

How about this: I'm an anti-capitalist and I hate all forms of government?

Does that put me on the left or right? How far on the left? How far on the right?

I hate Obama, McCain, Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Captain Crunch and Spongebob Square Pants for being meaningless distractions from the real stuff of life (friends, family, nature, freedom).

Fuck the left and the right. I want Anarchy.