Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Man attacks several police cars -- Oakland, CA

A man who damaged at least a half-dozen Oakland police cars with a hatchet and shotgun blasts behind police headquarters was shot by an officer early Sunday after he refused to drop the gun and appeared as if he was going to fire again, investigators said.

The suspect was identified as Nathaniel Riddick, 25, whose last known address was in Sacramento.

Riddick, who was wearing bandoleers of shotgun shells, was in stable condition this morning at Highland Hospital and is expected to recover from his wound.

Investigators said they could only find one prior drug arrest for Riddick, which was in 2001 in Sacramento. They have not been able to interview him yet to see what motivated him.

The bizarre incident began about 11:20 p.m. Saturday in the 450 block of Sixth Street, which runs behind police headquarters between Broadway and Washington Street below Interstate 880 where marked police cars are routinely parked. There were no officers in any of the cars.

Police said Riddick first embedded a hatchet into the windshield of a car parked a few feet up from Broadway. He then began walking up the street firing shotgun rounds into several of the parked police vehicles.

Sgt. Todd Crutchfield said the rounds were fired into the cars' sides, windshields and other windows.

The shots were heard by officers in an office at the Washington Street end of the street.

Several officers confronted Riddick and urged him to drop the shotgun, police said. But he refused and when it appeared he was going to fire at the officers, two officers shot at him with one of them wounding him, investigators said. Police did not immediately say where Riddick was hit.


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