Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hell of arrests and some attacks on days of anti-cop activity -- WA

Olympia, WA:

Around 7:30 to 8:00 PM, around 35-40 people met up in a parking lot on the West Side of Olympia. People entered the streets and proceeded to head downtown, taking up two lanes of traffic. The usual anti-police chants were shouted and people passed out literature and fliers related to state violence specifically centered around the West Coast and in general. As we headed through a roundabout, a photographer for the Olympian (local major newspaper) was rightfully harassed after attempting to take pictures of people doing graffiti. He quickly slinked away from the scene while shouting threats of assault and theft. After marching for some time, the first police car showed up in response to the photographer's call. And yet, the car eventually drove off and the police presence remained minimal as we proceeded to the downtown area.

As we headed down 4th Ave, people continued to pass out information and shout chants. The march veered towards 5th Ave and someone took advantage of the low police presence to attempt an attack on US Bank—unfortunately missing their target. A street later, someone successfully smashed a different bank window. The general sentiment of the bloc was noticeably unenthused by this attack, as the purpose of the march was to remain fairly unrowdy. However, beyond a couple police cars passing us by occasionally, the police response was remained unusually minimal. Some people pulled dumpsters into the street as the march turned around a corner and headed back down 5th Ave. Notably less people are on this street, but police activity is still relegated to sneaking around the side streets of downtown as we passed by the new city hall and jail that is currently under construction in the middle of downtown.

A rock is thrown through a construction building on the site of the new city hall. Shortly thereafter, two motorcycle cops begin to trail the march, but take some time to follow us as we turn. Someone attacks the Manium, a venue owned by a notorious Olympia slumlord and we proceed to head towards State Ave. We barely make it half way up the block before the two motorcycle cops behind us transform into a significant number and several police cars drive down the street in front of us to block us in. People lock arms and attempt to move to the sidewalk in a futile attempt to minimize police aggression, but this does not stop them from pepperspraying a couple of us and beating everyone to the ground.

The 29 of us are slowly all arrested and taken to the city jail. Everyone is charged with riot and a few of us get charged with malicious mischief and felony assault on an officer. Almost everyone is released over the next 10-11 hours. Realistically, the riot charges will most likely not hold up in court. However, while sitting on the ground with my hands on my head, I didn't spend time considering how miserable of an action the night was, but instead reflected upon the fact that while the majority of the police's on duty unit surrounded us, the metropolis elsewhere was left wide open and unguarded. And here we were being arrested.

Seattle, WA:

On April 9th at approximately Noon a demonstration began on Capitol Hill. This was an apparent anarchist event. Uniformed patrol officers, bicycle patrol officers, and mounted patrol officers staffed the event. The event was peaceful at first.

At about 1:00 p.m. an unknown person in the crowd threw a light bulb filled with red paint at a mounted patrol officer. It struck the officer on the back of his helmet. The bulb broke when it hit the ground. Neither the officer nor the horse was injured.

A group of suspects then began to roll nearby dumpsters towards a police line. Officers quickly arrested two adult males and one adult female (all three in their early twenties) that were involved in this activity. Two juvenile male suspects, both 17 years old, were stopped after they attempted to hide a backpack. In that backpack were at least six more paint-filled light bulbs. Both juvenile suspects were placed under arrest and later released when the Youth Service Center declined them. A request for Investigation of Assault charges will be forwarded to the prosecuting attorney’s office.

The crowd dispersed fairly quickly after the arrests were made. One adult male suspect and the adult female suspect were booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Assault, a felony charge. The other adult male suspect was booked into the King County Jail for Obstruction and Resisting Arrest.

The incident was completely finished around 3:30 p.m. There were no reported injuries or property destruction due to this event.

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