Sunday, April 11, 2010

At least 50 cars left with punctured tires -- Ross Valley, CA

A vandalism spree in the Ross Valley left at least 50 cars with flats this weekend as a vandal punctured tires along a route stretching from Pine Drive in Fairfax to Humboldt Avenue in San Anselmo.

Vehicles parked along the roadside were targeted late Friday night, including at least 39 in Fairfax, but the tally continued to mount as officers fielded reports from angry residents Saturday afternoon.

"We're still tallying it up," said Fairfax Sgt. Stuart Baker. "We've been taking reports all day."

Baker said a "person of interest" was questioned in the area Friday night, but no arrest was made. "We are analyzing evidence and statements," he said.

Cars were vandalized on a number of Fairfax streets, including Pine Drive, Laurel Avenue, Creek Road, Blackberry Lane and Forrest Avenue, which leads to San Anselmo - where more cars along Forrest, as well as Humboldt Avenue and Foothill Road were hit.

"I'm frustrated with it," said Marc McSweeney of Pine Drive, who walked outside late Friday night to find two tires punctured, following a similar incident two months ago in which he also lost two tires. "It makes you wonder what the motivation is," he said. "It's a little weird."

McSweeney, saying he watched as Fairfax police questioned a man walking down the street, said neighbors should get together and post a reward for information.

Estimates of damage in the two towns exceeded $7,000.

San Anselmo Sgt. Rob Schneider said police there found the first of 11 cars with punctured tires at 11:55 p.m. Friday, and added authorities are "conducting an ongoing investigation in an attempt to identify suspects."

Schneider said police "don't have any evidence to tie anybody to it," and joined Fairfax authorities in asking anyone with information to step forward.

Damage was limited to a tire or two on each car, officials said, recalling that a spate of rear-view mirror smashing incidents plagued area neighborhoods last year.

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