Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Anarchists attack "community corrections" center -- Portland, OR

The anonymous communique reads:


We smashed your "community corrections" center. We smashed it to send a message. Our message is that all cops are murderers and all prison is torture.

Allow us to elaborate: though the anti-police movement may use individual instances of murder with guns, tasers, and pepper spray as catalysts for revolution, we hold every cop or cop-supporter culpable. This is because on a daily basis cops are killing people slowly, with handcuffs and pens; killing them 5, 10, 20 years at a time but killing them still the same. We believe that a life in prison doesn't even come close to anything resembling a decent human life. Humans are a social animal, and forced isolation (whether that isolation is from ones peers, friends, family, or trees, grass sunlight, and the natural world) is an abominable act that must be forbidden by any society which held justice in any regard.

We believe this movement will be successful, and that the key to its success will be cooperation. Currently you're being argued down in city hall, protested against in the streets, and, if we may say so ourselves, taking a pretty serious thrashing after the sun sets. We are strong together because our actions work well together, and we support one another.

We would also like to take this moment to encourage day-activists to try their hand at some nighttime missions. You'll find protests aren't always necessary to strike a blow, and you'll feel more refreshed and invigorated in your day-time endeavors.

For a free and equitable society.
For anarchy."


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Fabio Zoroa said...

I´m glad to read this anarchist blog. There was a riot in the University of Costa Rica yesterday, several police members and agents of the OIJ (it´s an "intelligence" police corp similar to the FBI), entered in the campus without autorization, apparently to arrest a worker of the university suspect of corruption. Nevertheless, there´s something called Autonomía Universitaria, which states that no police members can enter into the campus without authorization (no authorization was ever granted by the university authorities). Despite this constitutional right of our institution, the agents came and provoked a riot where several students, professors, union´s members, and workers were severely harmed, and some of them were even arrested. Costa Rica is famous because it does not have an army, but the truth is that our police corps work as an army, attempting against our human and constitutional rights.
Greetings from Costa Rica.

PD. Sorry for my spelling.