Sunday, March 28, 2010

Now we rise, and we are everywhere

For your consideration:

Theses on the Imaginary Party
A piece originally published in the first issue of the French journal, Tiqqun, in 1999. Are the actions reported on this blog mere objects of fetishization? Or do they represent something all the more terrible? While every event found on this blog may be of some interest as singular experiences, a deep-rooted collusion of sorts is found when one examines every seemingly pointless act of vandalism as only a variation on a theme felt in many other anti-social activities, from bank robberies to the murder of police officers.

Some Recent Actions of the Imaginary Party
Essentially an English rewriting of the original Tiqqun piece, "Quelques actions d’├ęclat du Parti Imaginaire," localized for the Puget Sound. An interesting exploration into an applied theory of the imaginary party.


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