Saturday, February 6, 2010

Naval ROTC attacked -- Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh Naval ROTC, housed in a Carnegie Mellon University building along Forbes Ave got a couple windows smashed and tagged Sunday night. It wasn't much, but this is how we practice.

CMU is the largest receiver of Department of Defense contracts in the country for any university, or something outrageous like that. Their robotics lab produces automatic killing machines, the Mellon Institute (smashed during the G20) tortures monkeys in animal vivisection tests, and they now understand that their property isn't safe as long as it is facilitating murderous, imperialist activities like the ROTC. Especially along Forbes Ave, where thousands of riot police beat, gassed, humiliated, and arrested hundreds of folks during the G20.

Tuition should not have to be paid for by indenturing loans and military bribes to students. It should be abolished.

Here's a shattered pane toast to an END TO MILITARIZATION in our schools, and FREE AND EMANCIPATING EDUCATION FOR ALL.

And to CMU Administration: This economic sabotage of your property will continue until yinz end all DOD contracting and ROTC programs at your school. Enjoy! Hope you spend a ton on beefed up security, you're going to need it. We are going to make your War on Terror as expensive for you as it is for the poor communities yinz help destroy.

Oh, and this act is not violence, it's sabotage. Violence cannot be applied to inanimate panes of glass you installed around your war-making labs. It can be applied to living things, however, something you've mastered in your research and ROTC. We are breaking the tools and apparatus used for mass murder: your war research budget. Thus, our property destruction is in defense of the people at the end of your robotic automatic gun turrets, or in the sights of the war planes Rotsie kids will be flying/repairing.

If we wanted to commit violence, we could be cops, soldiers, or weapons engineers and do it legally and thoroughly. There's no strategy for us to hurt anybody at this point.

Our universities will not be a haven for the products of blood-lusting generals, greedy CEOs, and corrupt politicians. Our universities are not corporations for your Monopoly game. Our young minds will not be gears of war.

You're welcome to join us on the side of justice.

In solidarity with the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan who have been ripped to shreds by U.S. arms.
In solidarity with the Iranian student resistance, resist regimes from Tehran to Washington.
In solidarity with the COP15 Resistance, war is the most environmentally destructive institution on the planet and must be abolished to stop climate change, one ROTC at a time.
In solidarity with the Greece uprising and university occupations, universities are not for the violence inherent in the state.
In solidarity with Occupy CA, the struggle must be generalized, take back our schools.
In solidarity with Palestine, one year ago, Operation Cast Lead was launched by the US-Israeli military establishment. Never again.

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