Thursday, February 11, 2010

Juvenile detention officer beaten to death -- Fort Smith, AR

Fort Smith police are working with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department to track 18-year-old Brandon Henderson.

Maj. Greg Bolin, an operations commander at the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said Henderson escaped from the county's juvenile detention center Saturday with 15-year-old Nicolas Dismuke and 16-year-old Christopher Beverage.

Bolin said because of the nature of the crimes the men are accused of committing his office has released their names and pictures to the media.

Bolin said the men escaped from the detention center when guard Leonard Wall was doing a routine bed check of the facility.

"One of the juveniles pushed him into a cell with two other juveniles (and) they commenced a beating," Bolin said.

Bolin said Wall died Sunday afternoon at a Little Rock hospital. He said before escaping from the detention center Henderson, Beverage and Dismuke also beat a female guard who was treated and released from a Jefferson County hospital.

Bolin said the men obtained keys from Wall after the beating, which helped them in their escape. He said the men later ran to a convenience store not far from the detention center and stole a car from a woman.

Bolin said a state wide alert was issued and around three p.m. Sunday authorities located the stolen vehicle in Conway County.

Bolin said from there information led his deputies as well as the Arkansas State Police and local authorities to Dismuke and Beverage who were arrested in Van Buren.

As of Sunday night, Brandon Henderson remains at large. Bolin said investigators believe Henderson is in the Fort Smith are because of connections with family and friends. He said deputies from his office will be on the ground working with local police until information leads them elsewhere or Henderson is caught.

Bolin said the two juveniles that were re-captured were on their way back to Jefferson County.

He said all three men face a murder, first degree battery and escape charges.$50464

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