Thursday, February 11, 2010

Firebomb spree -- Temecula, CA

A man who police say threw Molotov cocktails at five targets over a 36-hour period was chased up Interstate 15 and arrested.

26-year-old Edward Batties is accused of throwing burning objects at two police parking lots, a school, a house and a truck. He was arrested near the Border Patrol checkpoint on Interstate 15 near Temecula. Batties is jailed on suspicion of firebombing, arson, burglary,attempted burglary and evading officers charges.
Officers say Batties threw Molotov cocktails, a gas can and other objects out of his car during the high-speed pursuit, which started at Del Mar Heights.
The San Diego man allegedly began his rampage Friday night when a Molotov cocktail was tossed into the parking lot of the San Diego police Mid-City Division station in City Heights, Luque said.

A San Diego police officer responding to a reported vehicle burglary in Del Mar Heights spotted a vehicle matching the suspect's description and started to chase it along with the CHP. The chase ended shortly after Batties drove over a spike strip at the inspection station near Rainbow, at the Riverside County line. No word on the motive for the attacks.

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