Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rock in a firetruck's window -- Vancouver, WA

A group of Vancouver firefighters avoided injury Saturday after a large rock was thrown at a fire truck returning from a 911 call.

A Vancouver Fire Department spokesman said Ladder Truck 6 was heading south in the 4100 block of Northeast 112th Avenue when the rock was thrown at the apparatus. The rock struck the lower portion of the front windshield and caused significant damage.

"The driver did a fantastic job of keeping the 31-ton ladder truck under control," said Jim Flaherty, a fire department spokesman.

There were four firefighters on the truck at the time and they were not injured. It's unknown who threw the rock.

The vandalism will keep the truck out of operation until at least Tuesday. In the meantime, the fire department will have only one truck because the back-up ladder truck is also out for repairs.

"We have 92 square miles and 200,000 plus people serviced by one ladder truck," Flaherty said. "We're absolutely frustrated and angry that this has happened."

The damage is estimated to cost about $2,500 to repair. Firefighters hope a witness will come forward with a tip for police.


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