Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Creative and expensive school vandalism -- Worcester, MA

A Worcester school has been closed while crews work to clean up what's being described as the worst case of school vandalism in city history.

Police say several people broke into the Belmont Street Community School over the weekend and left a path of destruction in classrooms, corridors, the library and cafeteria. The vandals overturned desks, chairs and bookshelves; smashed computer screens and windows; threw paint on floors and walls; and flooded floors by leaving faucets in bathrooms and janitor's closets running.

Police Sgt. Gary Quitadamo tells The Telegram & Gazette the destruction was "beyond malicious" and could amount to several hundred thousand dollars.

The school will be closed at least through Tuesday.

The school has about 425 students in grades K through 6.


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