Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Six million in jewels and coins stolen -- Lewisville, TX

In one of the biggest robberies in Lewisville's history, two men robbed Harold's Jewelers of an estimated $6 million worth of jewelry and coins early Monday, police said.

The store in the 1200 block of West Main Street was just about to open when a man came to the door indicating he needed a battery for his watch, police Capt. Jay Powell said Tuesday.

When a store employee opened the door, the man displayed a weapon. He and another man and forced the employee to empty the contents of the safe into two black duffel bags, Powell said.

The employee, who was not injured, was told not to look at the suspects but gave police a description of one of the men.

During the robbery, the suspects took the store's video recorder so police don't have any photographs of them, said the store employee, who asked not to be identified.

The man, who confirmed police estimates of the loss, said Harold's Jewelers has been in business for 30 years, and this is the store's first robbery.

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Anonymous said...

This robbery happend 13 days after an insurance policy was obtained. hum? The $160,000 worth of rare coins was reported to be in a Louis Vuitton purse while waiting to be transferred to the safety deposit box also rented shortly after the Insurance policy went into effect. The amount of the rare coins reported to have been stolen or not even in existence and these door had no record of purchasing these Rare coins. Could not tell where the coins came from or how they obtain these coins, and the robber happen to take the video camera that I got no pictures and there is no sign of any break in, sounds like a hoax