Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Senator gets slashed tires for Christmas -- Coventry, RI

Vandals left their mark at the home of a longtime Rhode Island state senator.

Coventry Democrat Leo Raptakis said he woke up Wednesday morning to find eight tires slashed on three family vehicles.

The vandalism happened one day after Raptakis revealed he would be leaving the General Assembly to run for statewide office.

He said he’s considering a run for general treasurer or secretary of state.

Raptakis said he fears the vandalism was politically motivated.

Coventry police said they have not made any arrests.


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double agent in MPLS:

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those who don't revolt are seen as collaborators by those who can't wait any longer:

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12 year old robs store with toy gun.

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ohio: teenage girls rob bank, are on the run.

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Chevron attacked in Niger Delta in ongoing insurrection/war: