Thursday, November 19, 2009

Aluminum heist worth 80k -- Niles, MI

Police suspect three men of planning heist of trailer full of aluminum. Thieves use their own semi to take off with $80,000 worth of product.

A bold heist is under investigation and police believe it is pulled off by a semi-truck driver.

This past weekend, a trailer full of aluminum was stolen by a few thieves.

It happened at a company that makes aluminum extrusions in Niles.

The trailer was packed and ready for a delivery on Monday morning. On Sunday night it was taken from the company's lot. The company says it happened while no one was working but typically the business is manned 24-7.

Police believe the three suspects involved had a plan.

Monday morning workers at Aacoa aluminum in Niles realized a trailer full of aluminum was missing. The trailer was taken by thieves who used their own semi to haul if off.

"It was sitting there. It was staged like it was waiting to be picked up by our driver, who would be bringing his own driver in just like the theft occurred," says Aacoa Extrusions Vice President Jeff Teeple.

It's estimated the trailer and aluminum are worth a total of 80-thousand-dollars.

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