Thursday, July 9, 2009

40 plus vehicles attacked in Petersburg, VA

From the Richmond-Times Dispatch:

PETERSBURG -- Three North Carolina men used a .22-caliber gun, a 4-foot metal pole and rocks to smash the windows of more than 40 parked vehicles in an early-morning vandalism rampage.


crudo said...

How is this a political or class conscious action? How are we to know these card didnt belong to people who shouldn't be fucked with?


Natliz said...

The attacks were all in the more affluent areas of Petersburg. Among the forty plus cars attacked, two were described as a Ford Prius and a Ford Mustang. If you want to see the area for yourself, then google map search, "Westover Avenue, Petersburg, VA" or "Berkeley Avenue, Petersburg, VA" or "Matoax Avenue, Petersburg, VA" or "Tuckahoe Street, Petersburg, VA". The whole area is obviously occupied by bourgeoisie fucks. Purposefully targeting the rich is the epitome of class conscious action.