Saturday, May 2, 2009

Milwaukee, WI: Black Knights Smash Windows on May Day

A group of 20 to 30 people dressed in black ninja costumes and masks vandalized east side businesses Friday night, causing thousands of dollars in window damage, police said Saturday.

"They were yelling 'Black Knights,'" Milwaukee Police Lt. Milan Stojkovic said.

That's apparently what the group calls itself, and it may have been involved in two to three other vandalism incidents in the past couple years.

Windows were smashed at US Bank, Whole Foods, Qdoba and Bruegger's about 11 p.m. Friday.

Police were investigating whether the vandalism may have been related to a protest earlier Friday evening by a group of self-titled "anarchists" in the Riverwest area.

No arrests had been made. Some acts were caught on business video surveillance.


Horatio said...

Too bad the Black Knights did not attack drug houses or the development by near by with alleged ties to organized crime....and corruption and development that required city hall to actually change zoning laws.

Qudoba was is built on a parking lot for a mall that had no use for a lot.

The bagel place was attacked and built on an old gas station with underground tanks leaking in the ground and being used as an illegal parking lot-causing accidents and attracting crime...

Whole Foods was attacked and built on a blighted former car dealership that also had environmental issues, and the property owned by St. Marys as part of a hospital expansion.

US bank was attacked....

A smaller nearby bank was not

Local business were not attacked

Near by properties with alleged Mob-ties that caused changes to our zoning laws were not attacked

Drug houses were not attacked....

but only buildings that were built on blight and attracted drugs, crime and created safety hazards were attacked....

all you can say about these attacks is that they willfully chose not to attack the buildings most in the area feel are responsible for the worst forms of development in the city....and seem, through their target choice, to defend blight, drugs, crime.

Anonymous said...

That's simple to explain...they are cowards trying to feel powerful and courageous the ways bullies always have...wearing disguises, attacking "easy" targets while avoiding the more powerful and more deserving targets, feigning non-interest in them rather than admitting they are not either courageous or brave enough to attack the real "bad boys", disguised or not! Go to Thailand, buy yourself some cahonas and THEN do something to make a POSITIVE change...Batman wore a mask, and "broke the rules", but at least he knew who the real enemies were!