Saturday, May 2, 2009

Milwaukee, WI: Anarchists Target "Green" Condos

On Friday the State of Indiana arrested two people in connection with resistance to the construction of Interstate 69.

We are entirely unwilling to accept such actions by the State. To express our deepest solidarity with those arrested, we attacked four condominiums in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood. We smashed windows and glued locks. In particular, we targeted "green" condo developments. Next time we will be even more dreadful.The most revolutionary form of solidarity is to deepen conflict. We have identified the same faults, and are glad to be the contradiction that will rip them wide open. We won't stop until we've derailed, burned and scattered the ashes of the "unstoppable train" that is this social order.

As always, eternal war on capital in all of its ugly permutations and forms.


the wild ones.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure how vandalizing decent citizens condos will do anything for your cause..all it does is piss off the people that live there that might have been sympathetic to the cause. Its just plain moronic

Horatio said...

dave mahoney stood to profit on the legal bookmaking in England. England has legal betting on US elections. The action is huge. People have won hundreds of thousands and even million pound winners have occurrd. Ladbeokes also makes book on the nominations of the Reps and Dems.

Going into the RNC, a $1500.00 bet on McCain to win the nomination would have paid only $40.00.

If Mahoney hit the delegates bus and the alternates were called, the payout odds would have changed. The same wager would have earned at least 500 dollars on a near sure thing

The attacks in Milwaukee also produced profits for some who claim to be anarchists... But in truth vandalize in order to gain insurance money, are connected to income streams that benefit from increased insurance premiums, and the construction field creating job security to fix the damage or otherwise remove the blight...

Although claiming to fight a social evil. If you follow the money and connect the dots a few involved in these acts profit well from them and their families.

Stirring the raw emotions of radical thinkers provides these few individuals with free labor with whom profits are never shared..and whom will take the fall for the profiteers if the heat ever creates discomfort

Afterall. There is no transparency to prove that there is no conflict of interest taking place in order to gain monetary profit.

I say look at the targets of these acts and how someone local always earned money because of these acts. Then ask yourself...what is the relationship between the vandals and the profiteers? What you will see is very disturbing.

How a few pseudo-radicals effectively convince others, gaining free labor as a result of the deception

Anonymous said...

grow up, children.