Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ashville, NC: May Day Occupation

On the night of May first a down town building in Asheville North Carolina was occupied for a dance party in honor of May Day

A banner hung from the roof read "Reclaiming space to reclaim our lives. Occupy everything!" and by the time the police arrived there was about 150-200 people doing just that. As pre-determined nobody fought for the space but instead took the party to the street.

Once the police realized their mistake they seized the sound system but it was too late. Masks were on and the chants began. "Wu-tang Clan ain't nothing to fuck with!", "May Day is our day. Can't forget peoples history!", "Swine-Flu! Swine-Flu!" and A... Anti...Anti-Capitalista!"

The rowdy party snaked through the city draging things into the street and throwing shit at stuff we hate (banks, development firms and yes, even those fucking bourgeois-ass "local businesses"). Cry about it liberal.

By the time there was enough police to disperse us, we were already gone.
Next step, making every day May Day!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Milwaukee, WI: Anarchists Target "Green" Condos

On Friday the State of Indiana arrested two people in connection with resistance to the construction of Interstate 69.

We are entirely unwilling to accept such actions by the State. To express our deepest solidarity with those arrested, we attacked four condominiums in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood. We smashed windows and glued locks. In particular, we targeted "green" condo developments. Next time we will be even more dreadful.The most revolutionary form of solidarity is to deepen conflict. We have identified the same faults, and are glad to be the contradiction that will rip them wide open. We won't stop until we've derailed, burned and scattered the ashes of the "unstoppable train" that is this social order.

As always, eternal war on capital in all of its ugly permutations and forms.


the wild ones.

Santa Cruz, CA: Anarchists Attack Wells Fargo Bank In Solidarity With ICE Prisoners and First Nation Warriors

Don't riot in 2010. Riot Now!

In the early hours of May 1st, 2009, a Wells Fargo in south Santa Cruz county was attacked. At least 13 windows and a glass door were smashed. Wells Fargo is a top investor in the GEO Group who runs I.C.E. prisons.

Solidarity with the "immigrants" who riot in I.C.E. prisons.

Solidarity with the First Nations warriors attacking infrastructure throughout "Canada".

The war goes on.

San Francisco, CA: Anarchists Attack Businesses That Cater to the Rich on May Day

An officer radios to his dispatcher, "I don't know what just happened, but they had swords".

Last night may have come as a surprise to some, fireworks going off at every corner, smoke hanging ominously in the humid night air, a mob marauding through 6 city blocks, projectiles flying from every hand and in every direction along the most opulent thoroughfares in the city, but a certain amount of intention and decisiveness accompanied us that night. We were elephants rampaging through the Alps, only with sledgehammers.

Distant sirens swiftly approached and the crowd scattered through downtown alleys, incurring no arrests while wreaking as much havoc as possible.

De Beers, Prada, Coach, Tumi, Wells Fargo, Longchamp, Macy's, Armani, Crate and Barrel, Montblanc, Urban Outfitters and Guess were all targeted for all kinds of boring ass political shit, but primarily because fuck them. Exploitation is the norm of economic activity, not the exception. We see no need to reveal our laundry list of grievances and solidarity. The mission was made clear: an attack on wealth that would leave its mark.
The urge to destroy is also a destructive urge.

The face of an old tired-ass police officer appears on the nightly news, "blah blah anarchy blah blah eleventy billion to infinity dollars in damage".

The confusion of the police and the fear of the news anchors was enough justification.

"Who cares about the victim if the gesture is beautiful"

The weight of the economy bears down on us in every aspect of our lives, as such, disruption is always appropriate. The dogma of exchange is never truly escaped, in the unemployment office, at work, even in our most sincere embraces. We have no intentions of confining confrontation to the fringes of sanctioned demonstrations, or justifying it with vulgar political diatribes.

Actions always occur within a social context. The most brilliant physicists on earth have never made a true vacuum. We are part of a limitless conflict between people and wealth, between living activity and dead objects. A bank, whether at an anti-war demonstration or on your way to a friend's apartment, is still a bank.

We see each other in passing, exchanging inconspicuous nods and nervous glances, hoping for someone to do something, anything to break the monotony of daily activity. It's nice that we're finally acquainted. This is a model for what determined crews, with a little planning and intention, can do without sacrificing inclusion. Clandestinity has its place, but to generalize a participatory violence againt capital there must be more than hushed conversations.

We intend to confront economic relations in our daily lives, disrupting the exchange of commodities as often as possible. We hope you'll do the same.

And somewhere, perhaps a million miles from here, a young boy floats across a sea, waiting for the next oil tanker.

-RBH Crew

(Capitalist Media)

Dozens of vandals attacked Union Square late Friday night, smashing windows at some of the nicest stores in the city.

Grant Street was hit hard with seven stores suffering damage.
A few other stores on the adjacent streets were also hit, including Macy's department store.

A group of about 50 anarchists, tossed around fake $100 bills, shot paint balls, and broke several windows. They really hate capitalism.

They were all dressed in black, hid their faces with black bandanas and many of them were wearing wigs.

Among the stores vandalized: Debeers, Longchamp, Prada, Armani, Tumi, Guess and Montblanc.

And stores managers say with the economy the way it's been, this is the last thing they need to be dealing with. So far, there have been no arrests.

Milwaukee, WI: Black Knights Smash Windows on May Day

A group of 20 to 30 people dressed in black ninja costumes and masks vandalized east side businesses Friday night, causing thousands of dollars in window damage, police said Saturday.

"They were yelling 'Black Knights,'" Milwaukee Police Lt. Milan Stojkovic said.

That's apparently what the group calls itself, and it may have been involved in two to three other vandalism incidents in the past couple years.

Windows were smashed at US Bank, Whole Foods, Qdoba and Bruegger's about 11 p.m. Friday.

Police were investigating whether the vandalism may have been related to a protest earlier Friday evening by a group of self-titled "anarchists" in the Riverwest area.

No arrests had been made. Some acts were caught on business video surveillance.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Tacoma, WA: Workers Sabotage Point Ruston LLC

Point Ruston LLC has filed a lawsuit in a federal court against Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters, Jobs With Justice Education Fund and individual representatives of both organizations.

It makes allegations that include violations of federal labor laws prohibiting threatening activities, interfering with contractual relations, trespassing, property damage, and making false and defamatory statements regarding working conditions. Point Ruston seeks damages in excess of $20 million.

He claims misinformation is being spread about environmental issues.

Last year the developer signed a labor harmony agreement with 15 unions. The carpenters were not one of them. Eric Franklin, communications director for the union, said no one affiliated with it has damaged property. “We have nothing to do with any illegal activity.”

The union has a long-running dispute with Rain City, a concrete forming company that worked on the project. It claims the contractor pays substandard wages and does poor quality work.

Franklin said the state Department of Labor and Industries has fined Rain City $35,000 for safety violations at Point Ruston.

“We are confident with our facts,” he said.

Loren Cohen, legal affairs manager for Point Ruston, said the company is friendly toward labor and has good relations with many trade unions. (HA!)

He said property damage on the site includes slashed tires and glued locks.

The activism “has crossed the line into the context of defamation.” Both groups know workers on the site are not at risk, according to Loren Cohen, “They are perpetuating lies.

“We are outraged by the tactics they have resorted to pursue their agenda. We feel we have been seriously harmed by the fear mongering that has been spread by both of these groups.”

Adam Hoyt, Pierce County organizing chair with Jobs With Justice, is named in the lawsuit. He said the group has handed out leaflets spelling out its concerns with Point Ruston. Hoyt thinks Mike Cohen simply does not like how they are expressing their views.

“This is an outright assault on our free speech rights. We have done nothing more than raise awareness.”

Faison, NC: Arsonist Torches Factory

A warehouse fire that burned an estimated 10 million pounds of sweet potatoes Monday was intentionally set.

The fire at Southern Produce Distributors, 110 W. Center St., broke out Sunday night and wasn't completely extinguished until Tuesday. Hundreds of firefighters from more than 60 departments participating in the effort.

The 120,000-square-foot warehouse's structural integrity was damaged, and it was likely to be a complete loss.

Fun Fact:

Southern Produce Distributor owner Stewart Precythe said the family-owned business would rebuild. A company warehouse on the same site burned to the ground in a fire that smoldered for three days in April 1988.

Minneapolis, MN: Partygoers Set Fires & Clash With Police

A block party near the University of Minnesota turned into mayhem Saturday night when revelers hurled beer bottles at police officers, lit a fire in the street and jumped on cars.

In the end, seven people were arrested, but not before officers used smoke grenades, tear gas and foam bullets to disperse the crowd of several hundred people that gathered along Seventh Street between 13th and 14th avenues.

Several students who were at the off-campus block party said Sunday that it was partly a spillover from the university's annual "Spring Jam" event, which was planned by the student activities office and ended Saturday night.

But other students said the large gathering had more to do with the two keg parties at houses along Seventh Street.

Sophomore Abe Gross, who lives a block away, said one party was underway as early 8:30 a.m. and had already spilled into the street. By 5 p.m., the street was nearly impassible for motorists because of "rowdy students drinking beer and yelling," he said.

Officers who arrived about 8 p.m. after a report of a large party were greeted with flying beer bottles, rocks and other debris, Garcia said.

"At one point, someone threw a 12-pack of beer at an officer," he said. "There was a lot of defiance there."

The initial responding officers were forced to retreat and call for backup. In the meantime, Garcia said, the crowd swelled to an estimated 400 partygoers who "only got more incorrigible" by lighting a large bonfire, jumping on cars and trying to tip one over on its side.

"They were creating mayhem in the neighborhood," Garcia said.

About an hour and a half later, more than 50 officers —- wearing helmets and gas masks and carrying battalions — tried to quell the crowd with smoke grenades and chemical irritants. The foam bullets were used to "identify the main agitators"