Saturday, April 4, 2009

Philadelphia, PA: Cop Is Confused As To Why His Home Was Repeatedly Attacked

A young Philadelphia police officer's home is repeatedly vandalized just days after he moved into a Fox Chase neighborhood with his family.

When Milord Celce moved in to his new home last Tuesday, he didn't exactly have the welcome mat extended to him. He says the reception he's gotten has been anything but warm,.

Police Officer Milord Celce moved to the Fox Chase neighborhood to give his mother, his sister and his eight-month-old son a better place to live. But after nine days in his new home on Tabor Avenue, Celce is concerned.

"It’s out of control, really out of control. They just don't like the fact that I moved in, plain and simple," says Officer Celce.

It started with a break-in and robbery the day he moved in. Next it was dog feces spread all over his porch and front walk then graffiti appeared on the walls outside his front door.

"Come on, it's 2009. I mean, I thought this was done years ago. For me to come out of my house and see this," says Officer Celce.

Celce reported each incident to police. When he found a dead skunk strategically placed on his front lawn Thursday.

Officer Celce works in the 22nd Police District in North Philadelphia. He’s an aggressive cop who loves his job. He’s just finishing his first year on the force. He doesn’t believe his neighbors knew he was a cop until Wednesday. He wants to know why his home is being targeted.

"It can only get worse. I don't want it to get worse and inflict on my family," says Celce.

Now Celce loves his new home and his job as a police officer. He’s hoping the vandalism at his residence stops immediately.

(From the image of graffiti I found it seems like anarchists don't take to kindly to him moving in.)

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Anonymous said...

After watching the video I noticed the graffiti is actually pentagrams, not a circle-A, sorry.
But hey, 'up the satanists' right?