Monday, April 27, 2009

Santa Cruz, CA: McDonalds Attacked by Hooligans

April 19. Early morning, after the workers went home. Five windows smashed with rocks at McDonald's on Ocean St. An act of insurrection against work, capital, and the colonization of daily life.

McDonald's was mentioned recently in the local news for blatantly exploiting hundreds of workers over the span of years, forcing them to work overtime without pay when they were already working minimum wage and denying them access to the records proving this situation. The workers have resorted to the bourgeois legal arena with a class-action lawsuit, but McDonald's is profiting off the class war every day with the cops and ICE at their back.

McDonald's is also a sponsor of the 2010 Winter Olympics that are set to take place on unceded indigenous land in "British Columbia" this upcoming February. The accompanying land grab and development frenzy have been resisted by native warriors and anarchists alike with an uncompromising ferocity and revolutionary spirit. Solidarity to the Secwepmec and other First Nations protecting their ancestors' lands and bones, to anarchist rebels smashing windows and lighting fires, and to saboteurs everywhere destroying industrial infrastructure. We are part of this insurgent momentum that crosses borders and distances like wildfire.

McDonald's is almost embarassing in how much it symbolizes both the mainstay and the excess of capitalism. We are not those who denounce, protest, appeal to them to change their behavior. Their sponsorship of the 2010 Olympics and their obvious exploitation of undocumented workers, are not "issues" for which we seek reform, they merely mean that McDonald's is the first to be destroyed in our nocturnal attacks or in the coming riots.

From Alaska to Argentina, warriors unite! Don't wait for 2010, riot now!
Attack and destroy slavery and colonization everywhere!

Washington DC: Anarchists Kind of Throw Down Against IMF/WB

Six people were arrested this morning for smashing the windows of bank branches and spray painting cars near Logan Circle, vandalism thought to be connected to protests against the International Monetary Fund and World Bank's annual meetings in Washington, D.C. police said.

"We believe that they are linked; it's a logical conclusion," said Cmdr. James Crane, head of the department's Special Operations Division. "Some of the individuals were from out of town."

The arrests came before a rally this morning near the World Bank headquarters in which about 150 protesters tried to surge through a police line, Crane said. Police had beefed up patrols in advance of the protests, and after the arrests this morning they stationed additional officers around the protesters.

An off-duty D.C. police officer working security at a drug store this morning spotted the six breaking windows of a Wachovia Bank branch and a PNC bank branch in the 1400 block of P St NW, Crane said. The officer arrested two of the suspects. Other officers arrested the remaining four as they fled the area, Crane said.

The group had also spray painted cars parked near the Whole Foods across the street, Crane said.

They were charged with felony counts of destruction of property and rioting, a charge that police said they brought because the group was larger than five people.

Crane said the vandalism appeared to be an isolated incident. There was no similar damage reported anywhere else in the District overnight, he said.

The D.C.-based group Global Justice Action sponsored peaceful demonstrations Friday with about 75 people participating in a "speak out" at Edward R. Murrow park. Speakers accused the IMF, the private organization that oversees global finance, of contributing to the worldwide economic downturn and creating policies that are harmful to people in impoverished countries.

The weekend of protests included a scheduled "confrontational street protest" as well as a larger rally tomorrow.

Organizers said the protests were planned to coincide with the IMF and World Bank meetings and as a reaction to the G-20 economic leaders' decision this month to earmark $1.1 trillion for a combined IMF-World Bank rescue fund. Some participants also were rallying against insufficient aid to Africa and the closing of the Franklin homeless shelter in Northwest Washington.

Near Logan Circle, more than a dozen windows were smashed; glass was scattered on the sidewalk.

"There is no connection between the local banks and the IMF," said Jeff Walpole, who was having breakfast at an outdoor table at the restaurant the Commissary. "But these are angry people who don't understand that." (Wait, he was just eating breakfast and they asked him for his opinion? Seriously?)

One person was taken to the hospital for an injured leg and dozens more were treated for burns from pepper spray, including one police officer, when police clashed with protesters near the site of the IMF World Bank.

A 22-year-old, accused of kicking a member of law enforcement, has been arrested and charged with assault on a police officer.

After marching for nearly two hours through District streets, about 200 people carrying signs that said "Capitalism--Do Not Resuscitate" and shouting "Feed the Poor! Eat the Rich!" were stopped by police as they tried to make a U- turn at the corner of Pennsylvania and 20th around 9:45 a.m.

The police were put in danger when they were surrounded as the crowd turned around so they ordered protesters to move to the sidewalk. They resisted. Some pounded their hands on the hood of a police car.

The police formed a line and began pushing the group back with batons. The demonstrators did not have permits to march in the street.

In the tussle, some protesters fell to the ground. One officer from a federal agency used pepper spray to disperse the crowd. Police said at least one protester also used pepper spray on police. One officer who was sprayed in the eye was treated at the scene.

The protesters had intended to block delegates from entering the meetings this morning, but they arrived late. They have another march planned tomorrow.

Seattle, WA: Bash Back! Attacks Church

Bash Back! responds to Ken Hutcherson's connection to Watchmen on the Walls and the Puget Sound community's failure to hold him accountable. They do it by spray painting his church and gluing all of the doors shut.

To Everyone:

Last night the Bash Back Unwelcoming Committee greeted the Worldview Apologetics Conference attendees. The conference is being held today through Saturday at Crossroads Bible Church in Bellevue, Washington.

When we first read of the conference we were excited. We thought the Christian Right was finally going to apologize for all the shit we’ve been put through lately, from the imprisonment of the New Jersey 4 to the execution style murder of trans woman Duanna Johnson, to the death this past week of eleven-year-old Carl Walker-Hoover who committed suicide after consistent unchecked homophobic bullying at school... But alas, appearances are deceiving. We looked up the Apologetics and that’s not what it means.

We looked further into the host church more and found out that Pastor Ken Hutcherson, is a known supporter and colleague of Watchmen on the Wall, whose members who are responsible for the death of Satendar Singh in 2007.

As we write these three effigies, we remember the countless others that have been murdered as a result of the sick bigotry spewing from Ken Hutcherson’s pulpit. He may not have tied the noose, pulled the trigger or thrown his fist, but his words have encouraged others to do so.

The Worldview Apologetics Conference was another opportunity for well-known queer haters to spread their bullshit. With titles like, “The Difference Between Boys and Girls; Exposing the Lies of Feminism and It’s Cost to Society” and “It’s Not Like Being Black; Why Homosexual Marriage is Not a Civil Rights Issue” these workshops promised a slanted view from a sick few.

To Queer Haters Everywhere:

Starting with last night’s action, we’re re-writing the “playbook”. “Smear the Queer” may be your favorite pastime, but honey let me tell you, we fucking reclaimed the word Queer 15-fucking-years ago and we’ve got a diversity of tactics. When we wrote “Up Anarchist Queers”, “Watchmen Are Killers”, “We Are Beauty” and glued all the doors shut, we threw open our own doors and tattooed those words on hour hearts. Welcome to our world shitheads. We may have written on your walls, but you’ve written anti-queer rhetoric into law.

We hope your homophobic and transphobic hearts continue to sink as you are met with more resistance. Ours continue to beat, stead and strong as we dance in the streets and continue to make our liberation movement irresistible. We don’t need permission from the government to build our families. WE build communities where gender self-determination, healthy bodies and open sexuality are loved. We walk with confidence and know our inherent self-worth. Our queer brilliance and fabulousness will always outshine the stink of shit you throw our way.

We would never settle for equality with you, we want liberation and nothing less. Queers around the world take note, the bigger the church, the bigger your canvas. We are here, among you, we are queer, every-fucking-where and we didn’t start this war but was are BASHING BACK!

Sodomy in the ashes of Ken Hutcherson’s “playbook”,

Milwaukee, WI: Car Dealership Attacked

Surveillance video shows several suspects destroying dozens of brand new cars parked on the Don Jacobs car lot at night. The damage is severe... broken windows, ripped interiors, dents, and smashed windshields.

The vandals destroyed at least 26 brand new cars. With repairs and deductibles on each car starting at $2,500, the damage adds up to nearly $100,000. That leaves the company wondering how they will pay for it. And to top it off, nothing was stolen. The damage was strictly destructive.

Surveillance video shows the vandals coming into the gated lot after bending the fence. They used pieces of old asphalt and large rocks to do the damage.

Chicago, IL: Anarchists Start Sabotage Campaign Against Olympics

Why do we fight? Why do we even attempt to fight the totality of domination and exploitation? If what we seek is a world in which we are free to truly express our desires, then we must create it by destroying all relations based on power and commerce. These three targets were chosen for that reason.

Last night, April 22nd, an Olympic ad was defaced and altered in East Pilsen. This target was chosen simply because we refuse to allow the city and its corporate pals to celebrate the intensification of capitalism and the displacement of people.The three sided ad originally had glorified pictures of athletes and the word "Imagine". The largest side now reads "NEVER" and has a nice big circle A as well. The right side now reads "Imagine RIOTS".

The next target was a building owned by capitalist land lord Podmajersky. Podmajersky is a major force in the gentrification of Pilsen. Once you look, you can see his high rise condos and buildings that plague the area all around. Two windows were smashed on a building owned by Podmajersky near his headquarters on Halsted. A third window was smashed with a parking meter that bore a message. The message reads "Dear Racist Capitalist Scum, You and your tenants are displacing us. This is our response and it is only the beginning." And we left a winking smiley face at the bottom just for you, Podmajersky!

But do we really need a campaign to attack all these oppressive institutions? Do we need any other reason then to destroy all relations based on domination and capital? To highlight this point, a large window was smashed and another window was damaged on a Standard Bank near the Sheridan red line. We did this for no other reason than to attack an institution that perpetuates our misery and feeds off our exploitation. Do we want the system to change or do we want its total abolition? Even if the city doesn't get its corporate circus and even if all the capitalist scum like Podmajersky stop gentrifying our neighborhood, we will continue to attack. Insurrection ends when domination does.

Towards a Spring Social War!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chicago,IL: Anti-Olympic Sabotage

There has been a recent spark of sabotage among Chicago's residents in regards to the coming Olympic bid, the economy, and gentrification in general. An Olympics 2016 "Imagine" billboard was altered near the intersection of Diversey and Elston Aves last night. The buildboard now reads a truer sentiment: "Imagine (A) Social War". To give them a taste of what we meant, 30 parking meters and 2 ATMs were disabled; later in the night, the locks were glued shut on a Chipotle and a T-Mobile store.

The infamous CPD have scared us into hiding for too long. Spring is here, a season of renewal, and the time to act is now. The city continues to demean us with their Olympic advertising and corporate pride, giving free 2016 shirts to the same members of our communities who'll be displaced if we recieve the bid; all the while using symantics like Obama's: "hope", "change", "imagine". The state won't wait to destroy our communities, so we can't wait to fight back.

The words echoed on the billboard, foretelling of SOCIAL WAR, are just the beginning. We will continue to strike, in the dead of night, when you least expect it. Though, there is one thing you can expect: an all out riot on the streets of Chicago in 2016, and continuous, more and more rapid struggles and direct action from us here in these communities, already ravaged so much with poverty, stricken with fear, and with (almost) nothing left to lose.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

New York City, NY: WIld Weekend in NYC

Friday a.m. :

A wild student occupation at the New School complete with balaclava
wearing occupiers, police state tactics, and a mini-riot.

Friday night:
Solidarity march leaves Union Square throwing barricades in the street,
and heads for scum bag New School president Bob Kerrey's house.
March makes it to site of occupation at 65 5th Avenue.
Arrests and clashes ensue, more barricades in the street.

Saturday a.m.:
The 3rd annual NYC Anarchist Book fair sets up shop selling anarchist
commodities of all shapes and sizes.
Workshops and other events are held as well.

Saturday night:
Following the Bookfair a gathering called "Catastrophe" takes place, meeting once again in Union Square.
The cats move into the subway where a brief scuffle happens as police attempt to arrest
a party goer who is unarrested and escapes.
The cats exit the train at 1st ave and 14th street where chaos ensues and the party somehow becomes
a bizarre march/ happening that confuses many including police.
Windows of Mcdonalds, Washington Mutual, and Whole Foods are reportedly smashed as the
unruly and scattered mob winds its way around the East Village moving towards the New School building
at 65 5th avenue, which is quickly surrounded by police.

Reportedly there where 30 arrests made in these various events, and two police were apparently injured.

And the warm weather isn't even here yet!!!!

Carrboro, NC: Anarchists and Others Clash With Police and Kick Racist Speaker Off of College Campus

Sometimes victories come out of nowhere. In these tough times, that’s worth remembering, and radicals in Carrboro and Chapel Hill, NC were recently fortunate enough to have a big reminder…

On Tuesday, April 14th, a new white supremacist group on campus called Youth for Western Civilization (?!) had scheduled ex Republican Congressman of Colorado Tom Tancredo to speak on the University of North Carolina campus. YWC is a new national organization, with local chapters on campuses around the US, which uses thinly veiled language around heritage, identity, and cultural pride in western civilization to hide a fairly obvious white supremacist agenda. Their founder Marcus Epstein, for example, is an explicit white supremacist who comments on blogs such as, and the organization’s website ( has a traditional symbol of Italian fascism as its banner.

Fortunately, things didn’t quite go as planned for the organization. Posters had already been wheatpasted around town and campus letting folks know a known white supremacist was to speak on campus, and when Tuesday night came around, the room in Bingham Hall was completely packed, standing room only. There were also at least half a dozen police doing a perimeter around the building, as well as a few inside the classroom where Tancredo was planning to speak. In the building’s lobby, folks handed out little sheets of paper encouraging people to chant or shout in unison when Tancredo said certain words (ex: “America..” and everyone hisses like an angry cat). A few hundred yards away outside, a rowdy protest with chants and banners was getting going.

When the president of YWC stood up to introduce Tancredo, he was immediately booed and shouted down, with chants of “racist, racist” and yells that interrupted every other word. He was clearly flustered, and unprepared for this sort of reaction, and Tancredo was yet to even make it inside! Before the asshole could finish, he was interrupted for a final time by loud chants coming from the lobby of clapping protesters screaming, “Shut them down! No racists in our town!” Our friends had made it in the building! Those of us undercover inside the classroom started chanting and clapping with them, as well as playing a game of ”marco polo” as a way to commemorate all that western civilization has given us. The group outside started trying to push itself in the room, and scuffles with police ensued.

Somehow, by sheer luck, Tancredo slid his slimy way through one of the two doors, and approached the pedestal. He’s a creepy looking guy, kind of short, with the ugly smile only a politician’s mother could love. Before he could begin to talk, however, two more of our people in the audience rose up to hold a long banner in front of him that read, “No Dialogue with Hate.” We all started chanting along with it, until two pigs dragged the banner holders outside the room. When they opened the door, however, the protesters outside pushed back, and the pigs responded with pepper spray and tasers.

UNC campus is usually pretty tame; things like this don’t happen very often, and while many of us were not students and have been to plenty of rowdy demos, we were nevertheless surprised at the cops’ behavior. The lobby was quickly cleared, with some of us going back and forth between the room and outside to seek out a medic and to announce what was going on. As the group outside regrouped, Tancredo attempted to resume his speech. He was once again interrupted by the presence of two more banner holders, and the group outside began banging on the building’s outside door.

While disruption and chanting continued inside, drowning out the ex-congressman, the group outside of about 30-50 students and community members moved to rear of the building, the side in which the classroom is located. Demonstrators then began banging on the windows of the classroom, screaming at the racist inside. One of the windows was smashed in the process, at which point it seems that Tancredo was informed by either his bodyguard or the police that the situation had become too volatile for him to continue. As he was being removed from the side of Bingham, one of the protesters shouted that Tancredo was leaving the building, and the entire group started running after him. They were unfortunately stopped by a group of police, and decided then to regather in front with protesters who were leaving the building, bewildered and victorious. A short rally out front proceeded, in which protesters chanted, held banners reading “smash white supremacy by any means necessary” and “no one is illegal,” and announced further meetings centered on budget cuts and the economic crisis.

A liberal “dance party for diversity” that was purposely scheduled at the same time as Tancredo’s speech in order to prevent our disruption, was, needless to say, a total failure. In the future it would be wonderful to see a more explicit critique of the rhetoric of "diversity" when employed by white liberals, particularly when they use it as a way to mask their belief that white supremacists have a "right" to organize.

Militant disruption of anti-immigrant and white supremacist organizing is only going to be increasingly important in the next few years, as the pacification of liberals, Obama’s presidency, and the economic crisis will all make fertile ground for racist organizing. While UNC and other college campuses are hardly the most likely demographic for white supremacist growth, they are a source for funding for public speakers like Bay Buchanan, Tom Tancredo, and Marcus Epstein, who could then funnel those funds into more threatening groups. YWC was formed largely to serve this very purpose. The Anti-Racist Action network has fallen somewhat into disrepair in the last 5 years or so; it would be a perfect time to revive these kinds of explicitly anti-authoritarian, anti-racist groups.

Liberals’ backlash against this successful action has already set in. It would be great if in the future we had a clear message set out ahead of time as to why there’s only one way to deal with fascists, instead of scrambling to present that message after the fact. This protest was hastily assembled by an ad hoc network of student groups and community members, and, while it was successful, having an explicitly anti-racist action style body ahead of time might have made it easier to avoid this backlash, or at least better explain our motives and critiques.

Friday, April 10, 2009

California: Saboteurs Knock Out Phone & Internet Service

Vandals chopped fiber-optic cables and killed landlines, cell phones and Internet service for hundreds of thousands of people in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and San Benito counties on Thursday.

The sabotage essentially froze operations in parts of the three counties at hospitals, stores, banks and police and fire departments that rely on 911 calls, computerized medical records, ATMs and credit and debit cards.

The first four fiber-optic cables were cut shortly before 1:30 a.m. in an underground vault along Monterey Highway north of Blossom Hill Road in south San Jose, police Sgt. Ronnie Lopez said. The cables belong to AT&T, and most of the service disruption came from this attack.

Four more underground cables, at least two of which belong to AT&T, were cut about two hours later at two locations near each other along Old County Road near Bing Street in San Carlos. Two additional lines were sliced on Hayes Avenue in South San Jose.

In each case, the vandals had to pry up heavy manhole covers with a special tool, climb down a shaft and chop through heavy cables. The four cables cut in San Jose were about the width of a silver dollar and were encased in tough plastic sheath. One cable contained 360 fibers, and the other three had 48 fibers each.

The vandalism comes as AT&T is in talks with the Communications Workers of America for a contract covering more than 80,000 employees, who have been working under their old deal since it expired at 11:59 p.m. Saturday. Union members voted in late March to authorize a strike but have not scheduled one.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tilton, NH: Vandals Smash Up Model Houses

Vandalism of three model homes at Camelot Homes on Route 3 occurred sometime between Friday night and early Saturday morning.

An unknown number of people broke into three of the buildings by kicking in the doors. One of the homes had already been sold.

The vandals broke windows and punched holes in a number of walls causing at least $1,000 of damage.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Port Orchard, WA: Golf Course Building Set on Fire

An arson fire at the McCormick Woods Golf Course near Port Orchard caused $400,000 damage to a storage building and destroyed eight golf-cart-style utility vehicles and a dozen lawn mowers.

Accelerants were used to set the fire Sunday night outside the building.

No one injured.

Philadelphia, PA: Cop Is Confused As To Why His Home Was Repeatedly Attacked

A young Philadelphia police officer's home is repeatedly vandalized just days after he moved into a Fox Chase neighborhood with his family.

When Milord Celce moved in to his new home last Tuesday, he didn't exactly have the welcome mat extended to him. He says the reception he's gotten has been anything but warm,.

Police Officer Milord Celce moved to the Fox Chase neighborhood to give his mother, his sister and his eight-month-old son a better place to live. But after nine days in his new home on Tabor Avenue, Celce is concerned.

"It’s out of control, really out of control. They just don't like the fact that I moved in, plain and simple," says Officer Celce.

It started with a break-in and robbery the day he moved in. Next it was dog feces spread all over his porch and front walk then graffiti appeared on the walls outside his front door.

"Come on, it's 2009. I mean, I thought this was done years ago. For me to come out of my house and see this," says Officer Celce.

Celce reported each incident to police. When he found a dead skunk strategically placed on his front lawn Thursday.

Officer Celce works in the 22nd Police District in North Philadelphia. He’s an aggressive cop who loves his job. He’s just finishing his first year on the force. He doesn’t believe his neighbors knew he was a cop until Wednesday. He wants to know why his home is being targeted.

"It can only get worse. I don't want it to get worse and inflict on my family," says Celce.

Now Celce loves his new home and his job as a police officer. He’s hoping the vandalism at his residence stops immediately.

(From the image of graffiti I found it seems like anarchists don't take to kindly to him moving in.)

Los Angeles, CA: Rat Poison Mailed to Vivisectors

We sent three 'greeting cards' to three nasty primate vivisectors, one to Edythe London at xxxx Edgely Place Los Angeles California 90024, one to Joaquin Fuster at xxxx Pesquera Drive Los Angeles California 90049 and one to Peter A. Anton at xxxx Hollywood Boulevard Apartment xxx Los Angeles California 90046. In each we sent four needles dipped in rat poison strategically placed so when they opened the letter one of the needles would puncture them. The irony is that we got these needles from a primate laboratory at ucla.

What goes around comes around. Not that getting stuck with a needle is going to do much to these sick bastards who confine, torment and drive primates psychotic, but just know this.

When you least expect it, in a hallway or on an elevator, in the stairwell or going to your car after torturing primates all day, you'll get a much bigger puncture from a 10cc syringe right in your back filled with rat poison, and we'll be gone so fast you'll never know who did it. We know where you go during the day, we know where you do your dry cleaning, we know where you shop and we know that you will end up being cornered and taught a lesson you and your family will never forget. Until you end your experimentation on primates, we'll be in your life forever watching, waiting and then doing to you exactly what you do to them.

Justice Department

Chicago, IL: Anarchists Paintbomb Olympic Billboards

This past week has left us feeling inspired. The bus stops ads, corporations supporting the bid, flags everywhere, buses themselves, the Olympic spirit has gripped the city. Never have we felt such a sense of pride in our greater community. We owe it all to these fine people, who have been kind enough to grace us with their presence for the week. Word got out about the soiree they were having last night, and we felt the need to do something to show them how the city feels, much more than dinner and drinks ever could. We couldn't hide our passionate pride for one more day.

April Fools you fucking idiots!

Last night we paint bombed two billboard monstrosities overlooking the Kennedy expressway. They were Olympic advertisements, just like the ones you see every time you turn your head. Except bigger. We kindly suggest fellow citizens to find friends, some eggs, or paint and bombard the advertisements that are trying to sell gentrification, police oppression, profits for the rich, and annoying tourists.

We Won't Pay!

Fuck the corporate circus, Sabotage the Olympic bid.

Modesto, CA: Eviction Office Has Windows Broken

the sounds of breaking glass rang out as two bricks dropped two windows owned by the eviction office in downtown modesto last week. we attacked it because they help the pigs evict people from their homes. we are against the foreclosures in the area and the banks taking people's homes away from them. the feeling that we got from attacking them was great because we know that we hit them where it hurts. this is just the start. the central valley is a front line and we have taken a side.