Monday, March 30, 2009

Ukiah, CA: Riot Erupts at Prison

A riot in the most secure part of the Mendocino County Jail was quickly quelled Saturday afternoon after an inmate-set fire broke out in the "B Tank" section of the facility, which holds 25 to 30 prisoners.

The incident came as guards were "tossing cells" in search of contraband such as marijuana, tobacco, lighters and matches that had appeared with greater frequency as of late.

Inmate frustration had increased since privileges such as television were being threatened because of the recent spike in contraband.

"We sent a correctional deputy in to try to explain...This inmate then threw his hands up and took an aggressive stance...At this point the deputies took him down."

Inmates then pulled a television from the wall and threw it to the ground. He said inmates also destroyed security cameras and fluorescent lights before starting a small fire, which allowed inmates to force the automatically deployed fire doors all the way down, temporarily blocking the space.

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