Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oakland, CA: Vandals Close School

Messalonskee High School students Tuesday saw their winter break extended by yet another day.

This time a malfunctioning boiler system gave them the unplanned respite -- a day earlier a snowstorm did the honors.

About 50 gallons of heating oil spilled from a pump that feeds into a day tank located in a boiler room in the school.

Fhe main concern and the reason for keeping students at home was the odor caused by the spilled oil.

The boiler problem just added to the school's physical woes this week.

On Monday school officials found that glue had been squirted into the key locks of every access door to the building, vandalism that will result in about $2,000 in repairs.

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Xander said...

I didn't notice any snowstorms....