Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Modesto, CA: Police Officer Fights Angry Mob of 60 With His Dog

A Modesto cop found himself squaring off with a crowd of 60 when he tried to arrest a teenager for fighting.

Authorities believe the crowd had gathered for a party.

The policeman, whose name wasn't released (probably to save his life), was in the area responding to another call when he saw several people assaulting a man.

When the officer went to break up the fight, the crowd’s attention switched from the party to him.

In an attempt to keep the mob at bay the copper sent his dog into the throng of people.

The animal latched onto one suspect who was apprehended and later identified as 18-year-old Alfredo Espinoza.

But Espinoza had the crowd on his side. When the officer approached him for an arrest, they pulled the teen away and allegedly challenged the cop to a fight.

One suspect reportedly lunged at the officer during the struggle; his two-way radio broke during the scuffle. He yelled for neighbors to call 911, using his gun to hold off the mob.

Another in the crowd threatened that he "wouldn't be leaving the scene alive."

In addition to Espinoza, authorities arrested Andrew Mitchell, 20; Matthew Reyes, 19; William Rodriguez, 29; and Junior Suarez, 19; on charges ranging from resisting and delaying a police officer and false imprisonment of an officer to forcibly removing a suspect from police custody and assaulting a police dog.



Anonymous said...

What is the best way to deal with cop dogs/horses, etc. I mean, really, we mean no harm to the animals, but we also wanna get away... thoughts?

Anonymous said...

avoid criminal activity