Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lorain, OH: Undercover Police SUV Gets Firebombed

Someone trying to send a message of intimidation firebombed the drug unit's undercover SUV, which was parked at a location that was supposed to be a secret.

"We got the message," said Police Chief Cel Rivera.

The 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe was parked Wednesday night in a location police keep secret when the damage occurred.

The SUV was worth about $17,000.


Modesto, CA: Police Officer Fights Angry Mob of 60 With His Dog

A Modesto cop found himself squaring off with a crowd of 60 when he tried to arrest a teenager for fighting.

Authorities believe the crowd had gathered for a party.

The policeman, whose name wasn't released (probably to save his life), was in the area responding to another call when he saw several people assaulting a man.

When the officer went to break up the fight, the crowd’s attention switched from the party to him.

In an attempt to keep the mob at bay the copper sent his dog into the throng of people.

The animal latched onto one suspect who was apprehended and later identified as 18-year-old Alfredo Espinoza.

But Espinoza had the crowd on his side. When the officer approached him for an arrest, they pulled the teen away and allegedly challenged the cop to a fight.

One suspect reportedly lunged at the officer during the struggle; his two-way radio broke during the scuffle. He yelled for neighbors to call 911, using his gun to hold off the mob.

Another in the crowd threatened that he "wouldn't be leaving the scene alive."

In addition to Espinoza, authorities arrested Andrew Mitchell, 20; Matthew Reyes, 19; William Rodriguez, 29; and Junior Suarez, 19; on charges ranging from resisting and delaying a police officer and false imprisonment of an officer to forcibly removing a suspect from police custody and assaulting a police dog.


Calhoun County, TX: Vandal Slashes 28 Tires at Police Station

Overnight Wednesday a vandal slashed the tires of patrol cars parked in the lot of the Sherrifs Station in Calhoun County.

The police have no leads as to who did this but are planning on putting in more security cameras in hopes of catching the person responsible in the act next time they come.

The estimated cost to fix the tires is around $2000.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Ukiah, CA: Riot Erupts at Prison

A riot in the most secure part of the Mendocino County Jail was quickly quelled Saturday afternoon after an inmate-set fire broke out in the "B Tank" section of the facility, which holds 25 to 30 prisoners.

The incident came as guards were "tossing cells" in search of contraband such as marijuana, tobacco, lighters and matches that had appeared with greater frequency as of late.

Inmate frustration had increased since privileges such as television were being threatened because of the recent spike in contraband.

"We sent a correctional deputy in to try to explain...This inmate then threw his hands up and took an aggressive stance...At this point the deputies took him down."

Inmates then pulled a television from the wall and threw it to the ground. He said inmates also destroyed security cameras and fluorescent lights before starting a small fire, which allowed inmates to force the automatically deployed fire doors all the way down, temporarily blocking the space.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Phoenix, AZ: Man Robs Bank; Throws Out Money

A man who robbed a Phoenix bank of $20,000 Saturday, then took a cab and threw out some cash, is still on the run.

The robbery took place at a Bank of America near 32nd Street and Camelback Road.

At 12:25 p.m., a man entered the bank and displayed a gun. A teller put $20,000 in a bank bag. The man took the money and left in a cab, which was identified as a Sunrise Cab. No one was injured.

At 28th Street and Camelback Road, $20 bills were thrown out the window of the cab.


Rome, GA: Vandals Decimate Athletic Facilities in Highschool

Coosa High School received heavy vandalism around 2 a.m. Saturday morning.

The vandalism also set back the Coosa High School football program as suspects caused heavy damage to the athletic facilities at Eagle’s Stadium.

Saturday morning unknown suspects broke into the athletic facilities building after vandalizing an equipment shed, cutting through a lock with a hacksaw found at the scene to gain entry into the building.

The suspects then ransacked and damaged a number of rooms inside the facility, including the locker rooms, offices, the athletic trainer’s office and equipment room, where an ice machine was pulled down and the pads and helmets were thrown around the room.

Several holes were knocked into the walls and doors pulled off their hinges inside the building, the initial entry was made through a window in the head coach’s office, no major damage was found there.

Graffiti was also found painted on a bus and on the outside of buildings at the football stadium behind the high school.

Damage is estimated between $10,000 and $15,000.


Baltimore, MD: Restaurant Serving Foie Gras Has Windows Broken

Tisk, tisk, Iron Bridge. You put foie gras back on your menu after we warned you not to. Word from the wise: when you receive threats from underground animal liberationists, listen, because we follow through. Now listen, get rid of foie gras for good, or we will get rid of you.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oakland, CA: Lovelle Mixon Kills 4 Cops, Mad Respect

A fourth Oakland police officer has been declared brain dead following two separate shootouts in which three other officers and a parolee were killed.

John Hege, 41, of Concord, who had been with the department since 1999, was pronounced dead at Highland Hospital shortly before noon today, said Jeff Thomason, a department spokesman. The department later said he was declared brain dead and that his organs would be harvested for donation.

The three other Oakland police officers were pronounced dead Saturday after a traffic stop and, later, as a SWAT team tried to apprehend the man.

The gunman, Lovelle Mixon, 27, of Oakland was fatally shot after police tracked him down to a nearby apartment.


Fort Collins, CO: People Break Windows of Military Recruitment Center

Fort Collins, Colorado celebrates the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq by breaking windows at a military recruitment center.

Happy Anniversary! Last night People Against War broke three windows at a military recruitment center in Fort Collins, Colorado. We threw the stones in commemoration of 6 years of murder in Iraq. We wanted to celebrate with a bang! With a smash and a crash!

Yup, we know this is a little action. Breaking a few windows is small resistance to the machinery of the state that's destroying millions of lives. But an anniversary's an anniversary and we wanted to celebrate!

Military recruitment gets a big grin out of people losing jobs, cause there's ever more despair to feed off of. Even a few broken windows diverts time and money that would go to recruitment.

Grab a rock and join in celebrating the anniversary!!


Berkeley,CA: Military Recruiting Center Attacked

At 9PM on March 18th, the eve of the 6th anniversary of the war in Iraq, a group of persons wearing masks smashed the windows and splattered red paint at the U.S. Marine Corps Recruiting Center in Berkeley, California.

The center has been the target of protests for the last 18 months, and stands as a symbol of U.S. militarism and imperialist wars. The act of property distruction stands alone as the embodyment of frustration of a people whos government does not listen to or care about them.

Police have not made any arrests but are reviewing the tape, said Sgt. Mary Kusmiss. A sledgehammer and a crowbar were found in a nearby garbage can nearby, and are being reviewing as evidence. After breaking windows and improving the Marine Corps logo at the center, the group wearing masks and dark clothing scattered in three different directions.

As of the time of this posting, no one involved has been arrested. The act was easy. You and a few friends could have pulled it off any day.







Indianapolis, IN: Arson Destroys Apartment Complex

A fire that destroyed a six-story apartment complex under construction along the downtown Indianapolis canal last week has been ruled an arson.

The fire gutted the Cosmopolitan on the Canal project that had been nearing completion and spread onto the roof of the adjacent headquarters of the Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana, causing smoke and water damage. No one was injured in the fire that began before dawn Thursday.

No information on the amount of damages, estimated earlier at $28 million to the apartment complex.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Los Angeles, CA: Vivisectors Car Torched By Arsonists

On Friday night March sixth we burned a vehicle at the home of David Jentsch 1673 Beverly Glen Boulevard in Los Angeles. Jentsch is a piece of human shit who addicts monkeys to methamphetamines and other street drugs at the University of California Los Angeles.

He associates with other pieces of human shit like Edythe London who is addicting and experimenting on monkeys. The things you and others like you do to feeling sentient monkeys is so cruel and disgusting we can't believe anyone would be able to live with themselves.

David, here's a message just for you, we will come for you when you least expect it and do a lot more damage than to your property. Where ever you go and what ever you do we'll be watching you as long as you continue to do your disgusting experiments on monkeys.

And a special message for the FBI, the more legit activists you fuck with the more it inspires us since we're the people whom you least suspect and when we hit we hit hard.

Animal Liberation Brigade


Utah: Postal Annoyance Brigade Sends Fur Industry Magazines

Hello Again from the Postal Annoyance Brigade!

It's been a few weeks since our last communique.

Our latest Annoyance Attack was on the Fur Industry!

This attack was even bigger than our previous attack on University of Utah Researchers.

Here is a list of our lucky friends:

List A:
(we targeted these friends because of their huge impact on the Fur Trade)

* Fur Breeders Co-Op (Sandy)
8700 South 7th St. West
Sandy, Utah 84070

*Fur Breeders Co-Op (Logan)
1000 West 200 North
Logan, Utah 84321

*Holt Mink Ranch
10291 South 1230 West
South Jordan, Utah 84095
(Ryan Holt is a Board member of the Fur Commission USA)

*Westwood Mink
8137 South 1800 West
Spanish Fork, Utah 84660
(Paul Westwood is Vice President of Fur Commission USA)

*Boyce Brothers Fur Farm
860 East 525 North
Morgan, Utah 84050
(Bryan P. Boyce is Vice President of the American Mink Council)

List B:
(These friends were chosen for the reasons stated below them)

*Black Willow Mink
340 North Main Street
Coalville, Utah 84017
(These friends were chosen because they actually have a website to promote their disgusting trade)

*Margetts Mink Ranch
1975 Canal Road
West Jordan, Utah 84084
(These friends were chosen because their murderous breeding mill is smack dap in the middle of a neighborhood)

*River Jordan Mink Ranch
9330 North 10400 West
Lehi, Utah 84043
(These friends were chosen because they have one of the biggest fur farms in America)

*McMullin & Sons Fur Farm
10495 South 1540 West
South Jordan, Utah 84095
(These friends were chosen because they had the lucky opportunity to be visted by some aliens last year who abducted some of their mink. Hope the extra financial pressures put you under. Also they are located in a neighborhood as well.)

*Larson Fur Farm
8622 North 9150 West
Lehi, Utah 84043
(Just Because)

Each of these 'friends' recieved over thousands of dollars worth of magazine subscriptions and junk mail.

love your friends, The Postal Annoyance Brigade (P.A.B.) http://directaction.info/news_mar09_09.htm

Riverton, UT: Fast Food Restaurants Sabotaged

In the early hours of March 5th we set out and visited 8 McDonalds, 5 KFC's, 2 Carls Jr.'s, and a Sizzlers (in and around Riverton, South Jordan, and Herriman, Utah). In each facility we spray painted some lovely messages in the bathroom stalls with sayings like 'meat is murder' and 'Flesh is Death' as well as 'ALF'. We also took the liberty to clog all the toilets by stuffing them with sponges we had dried into small balls days earlier. Later in the night we went back and glued all the locks and spray painted the windows with 'ALF'. We also shut the gas off to all (except to sizzler which we couldn't locate). We won't stop until you stop killing countless numbers of animals for your tastebuds and pocketbooks. In solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Mexico. Viva la revolution.



Sunday, March 8, 2009

Los Angeles, CA: ALF Visits Mayor's Sister

Recently we paid a visit to the sister of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. The Mayor refuses to hire a new manager to stop the carnage of animals in our city of angels. Paint bottles were used to redcorate his sister's porch and driveway. We hope the red paint serves as a reminder to the blood on her family's hands. Be warned, next time we throw bottles, they'll be filled with gasoline.



Saturday, March 7, 2009

Los Angeles, CA: Vandals Target Nazi's Home

Vandals slashed tires on two vehicles at Torrance home and spray-painted "Nazi" on them in a second attack since February.

Residents of a home near Pacific Coast Highway reported the crime about 8:15 p.m. Thursday.

The victim, who is white, asked the newspaper to withhold his name and address.

A similar crime was reported at the same address last month.


Santa Cruz, CA: Anarchists Attack KFC

attack of KFC, mission st.

Caught between our fleeting mortal lives and the fleeting "freedoms" allowed to us by the state, we have felt strong sorrow and disgust at the state of the world and our society. Last night, we decided to make tangible our despair.

Last night, we attacked the Kentucky Fried Chicken on Mission St. We think it's new, we're not entirely sure, but either way the sight of it bores us to death. Two stones cracked two windows and we melted back into the shadows. Property will never be worth more than the lives of living things. Solidarity with our poultry brethren; we may not be the same species, but we breath the same poison air.

We acknowledge that attacks like this do little to actually harm the infrastructure of capital or animal abuse. They are a great way, though, to become familiar with night action. We encourage all who feel a brooding discontent to find ways of expressing it. We cannot wait for a revolutionary situation; we must create that situation. This is just the beginning. We have begun.

War on capital!

yours in long-term low-intensity conflict,
yours for escalation,
autonomous rebels for social collapse


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jefferson County, TX: Bomb Threat Closes Courthouse

For about 45 minutes, county employees and local residents had to drop what they were doing and vacate the Jefferson County Courthouse after a bomb threat on Monday.

At around 10 a.m., an anonymous caller to the Beaumont Police Department said the courthouse would be blown up in half an hour.

BPD immediately notified the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, which handles courthouse security, and deputies then notified department heads and discussed the situation with elected officials.

The first day of the work week is also the busiest at the courthouse, with county residents showing up for jury selection, docket calls and other courthouse business, so officials had hundreds of lives to consider when calling for the evacuation.


Oakland, CA: Vandals Close School

Messalonskee High School students Tuesday saw their winter break extended by yet another day.

This time a malfunctioning boiler system gave them the unplanned respite -- a day earlier a snowstorm did the honors.

About 50 gallons of heating oil spilled from a pump that feeds into a day tank located in a boiler room in the school.

Fhe main concern and the reason for keeping students at home was the odor caused by the spilled oil.

The boiler problem just added to the school's physical woes this week.

On Monday school officials found that glue had been squirted into the key locks of every access door to the building, vandalism that will result in about $2,000 in repairs.


Dallas, TX & St. Louis, MO: Jewel Theft

A traveling dealer in Missouri and a diamond store manager in Texas, became the latest victims of robberies.

Between $400,000 and $500,000 in jewels were stolen from a salesman late Tuesday as he drove up to his hotel for the night.

The victim in the Kansas City case was from Israel, and he was approached by two men around 8 p.m. in the parking lot of a Courtyard by Marriott hotel. One assailant was armed with a handgun and demanded the goods. There was no description of the robbers in this case.

This morning in Dallas, Texas, a robber disguised as a FedEx delivery man stole $600,000 worth of diamonds from Select Diamond Company in the northern part of the city, according to the Dallas Morning News. The robber also took $100,000 worth of Rolex watches. This suspect rushed the door as he was granted entry and knocked out the store manager.


San Diego, CA: Old Navy Clothing Store Set on Fire

An Old Navy clothing store in San Diego was set on fire Sunday evening.

The fire is believed to have been started by more than one person.

A manager of the store on Mission Gorge Road near Cuyamaca Street noticed the smoke coming from the babies clothing section and used a fire extinguisher to put out the blaze.


Nevada: People Shoot Down Power Lines

Over the past year, there have been several incidents of individuals using NV Energy's power lines and equipment for target practice and causing major damage.

Most recently, vandals have damaged separate 60,000-volt and 120,000-volt lines that supply electricity to the Fernley area.

Emergency repair crews had to be called out, and were able to complete repairs and avoid a power outage.


Salt Lake City, UT: Postal Annoyance Brigade Sends Magazines to Vivisectors

Greetings from The Postal Annoyance Brigade!

About a year ago the P.A.B. thoughtfully subscribed 3 of our good vivisecting murderous friends to some choice magazines.

Robert H. Lane of 4552 Jupiter Dr. in Salt Lake City, Utah; Alessandra Angelucci (& Her Husband Paul Bressloff) of 2705 E. Eagle Way in Salt Lake City, Utah; and Jennifer Ichida of 422 1st Ave. in Salt Lake City, Utah, all received multi-thousands of dollars worth of magazine subscriptions.

We even sent a few hundred dollars worth of subscriptions to our old friend Audie Leventhal, who has since retired from the feild of vivisection yet still puts his name on other vivisectors work.

The P.A.B. is back!

We have sent many friends our gifts, and hope that they will be receiving more gifts time and time again. As subscriptions take time, we are unable to release the names of our other friends we have rewarded with the timeless memories of magazines. Future communiques will be seen. Just a hint: "Fur is a sin, Wear your own skin!"

The P.A.B.
The Postal Annoyance Brigade

Here is how we do it:

While you shop at any store that sells magazines, look around the floor of the magazine section and you will see subscription cards (they look like post cards).

Gather up the ones you see and put them in your pocket.

If you are more daring just open up some magazines and a few should fall out.

Try to gather as many different varieties as you can.

Now take them to your home or a park and seperate them by magazine.

Find your 'friends' details, and start filling out a card from each pile.

Once you are done filling out the info for that 'friend' move onto another friend and continue until all cards are gone. If you only have a few friends, you can try giving them nicknames. Charlie may be Chuck, you wouldn't want your friend to miss a magazine just because you sent it to Charlie and not Chuck.

Having trouble finding friends? look up "the final nail" they have lists and lists of friends for you to choose from.

Now, take the stacks of cards and find idle post boxes. Try and seperate the cards so that there are no more than 5 to a post box. The mail man may get a little suspicious if he sees 100 cards.

That's it. They should start receiving magazines within the next 2-4 weeks.

Why it works? The magazines will start coming in every week to every month. If your friend doesn't stop the subscriptions it will charge them. They will be billed and will have to argue that bill isn't valid. Which takes time and even a little money sometimes. When a friend receives hundreds of magazines they have no more time to sit and sort through false bills. They will either have to just pay the bills or hire a person to sort through them. Often times a magazine company will charge the person for the first issue even if they cancel their subscriptions, some even charge a small cancellation fee. This is both time and cost consuming, this is why it works.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuscon, AZ: H.A.A.N.D Attacks Developers and Vivisectors

Tucson Vivisector Katalin Gothard and Rosemont mining scumbag Kathy Arnold get a special home visit from Tucson H.A.A.N.D! (Hooligans Attack At Night Duh!) agents of change. Solidarity dedication with those four recently arrested

Beneath a security blanket of darkness during the early morning hours of Friday, February 20, Tucson H.A.A.N.D. (Hooligans Attack At Night Duh!) visited the homes of University of Arizona Vivisector Katalin M. Gothard and Rosemont Copper (RC) Director of Environmental & Regulatory Affairs Kathy Arnold.

We chose Kathy Arnold because of all her work she does with RC as their Director of Environmental & Regulatory Affairs. RC is attempting to mine in the beautiful Santa Rita Mountains for copper. We say no mine thank you! Mining in the Santa Ritas would threaten numerous species, plants and sensitive wild areas. Mining for copper to build solar panels is a false solution and unacceptable. The Santa Ritas are part of the Sky Island Region a Biological Hotspot home to 404 bird species,117 reptile species, 26 amphibian species, thousands of plant species. A number of these species are endemic to this region. The Santa Ritas should never be home to a mine.
Dear Kathy destroying the land of wild animals and plants for more ingredients of a larger Infrastructure nightmare is no way to live. You should know that our environment is no place for you to hold your twisted affairs! We slashed your tire so that maybe you will think of the Mountain Lions and Black Bears that live where you want to build a mine. We bet the etching cream on the window of your house will leave a lasting impression of our visit. Maybe the cost of replacing it will make you think twice about the lasting irreplaceable costs your companies proposed mine would inflict on the Santa Ritas. Katalin Gothard is an assistant Professor Vivisector) within the Department of Physiology College of Medicine Life Sciences in North Room 327 of the University of Arizona Tucson, her Phone # is (520) 626-1448. Her Email is kgothard [at] email.arizona.edu. Her home addy is [REMOVED BY INDYBAY]. Her home # is [REMOVED BY INDYBAY]. Katalin makes a living by performing research on rhesus monkeys. Her research procedures involve screwing metal plates into the monkey’s skulls and affixing magnetic search coils to thier eyes. After these medical procedures are performed she then the trains the monkeys to to tolerate head immobilization and to fixate on objects presented on a computer monitor. What the fuck type of demented mind could do such a thing? Apparently, Katalin Gothard and her cohorts. To the sound of Coyotes howling in the mountains we lifted the utility cover to your water in front of your house, turned the water off and the poured in cement to make sure it stayed off for a damn long time! We bet it's a little harder to wash the blood off your hands and scrub away all those thoughts of torturing monkeys all day long huh Katalin. If you insist on working, get a real job!

Kathy, stay the fuck away from our mountains you sick fuck! Katalin, Leave the monkeys alone (your a sick fuck too)!

We dedicate this action to our four CA comrades in the fight against vivisection that were arrested the same day.

Y'all fools can keep trying to stop us by throwing us in jail. Cause you can't lock up Revolutionary Solidarity for the land and Animals, duh!


Monday, March 2, 2009

Calhoun, MO: Arsonist Destroys School

A rural Missouri high school will be closed Monday and Tuesday after a blaze caused heavy damage to the structure.

The district is discussing where to hold classes on Wednesday.
They're considering using the Baptist church, the school's work shop, and if needed, the gymnasium.

Calhoun High School in Calhoun, Mo., suffered heavy smoke damage after an arsonist set fire to the school early Saturday morning.

A clock damaged in the fire indicates the fire was set around 1:10 a.m.

Calhoun Fire Chief Kendall Price said the fire was started in the principal's office, which is now filled with heaps of ashes. Most everything in the office is unsalvageable. The school's only computer lab also suffered extensive damage.

"What we look at is everybody's a suspect," said Price, fire chief. "We don't know who's doing it. He could be standing right next to you and not even know it."

The school had security cameras in place, however they were in the process of having them replaced after a transformer blew, ruining the cameras and recorder.


Tucson, AZ: Anarchists Break Things

Vandals who claim to act in the name of animal rights and the environment are expanding their targets from laboratories and constructon sites that offend them to homes and cars of those with whom they disagree.

On Feb. 19 in Tucson, a UA researcher had her water valve cemented shut and a mining company employee had her car tires flattened and her windows etched with hateful sayings.

A press release posted on the San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center site by a group calling itself "Tucson H.A.A.N.D." or "Hooligans Attack at Night, Duh," claimed responsibility for the acts.

It said UA Health Sciences researcher Katalin Gothard's water meter was turned off and cemented shut because of her research with monkeys and Kathy Arnold's car tire was slashed and her window etched because of her job with Augusta Resources Rosemont Copper Project. Augusta wants to open a 1.2-square-mile open-pit copper mine in the Santa Rita Mountains.

The incidents were verified by police, one of the victims and a University of Arizona Health Sciences Center spokesman.

A post on a Blogspot.com site called "Social Rupture" said the same group was responsible for a Jan. 15 vandalism attack that targeted Si Schorr, Tucson attorney and former chairman of the Arizona Transportation Board.
The post said Schorr was targeted because of his espousal of an Interstate 10 bypass route that environmentalists say would damage valuable habitat.
Vandals painted and etched expletive-laced slogans on the home's windows and garage doors. Schorr called the language "vile."

"They were hateful expressions directed at me in my capacity as a public official," he said.

Schorr said he expected opposition to his proposal to build a bypass route for Interstate 10 around Tucson. "The vigorous debate one had to anticipate," he said, "but it was almost always respectful."

The incidents are being investigated by several police agencies, including the Oro Valley and Tucson police departments, University of Arizona police and the FBI, which investigates cases of domestic terrorism.

In its press release, the Tucson H.A.A.N.D. group dedicated its most recent actions to four animal-rights activists recently arrested by the FBI for alleged attacks on animal researchers at the University of California.

Those four are being charged with using "force, violence, or threats to interfere with the operation of the University of California in violation of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act," a San Francisco FBI press release says.

A spokesman for that office said he had not heard about the Tucson vandalism but said illegal attacks often occur in bunches across the country.

"There is a huge spectrum of people who are involved in the cause of ensuring the rights of animals and protecting the environment and the vast majority of those people are conducting themselves within what the Constitution envisions and the law allows," said special agent Joe Schadler.

"There is a fringe crowd that delights in causing havoc and causing damage and causing fear in the course of either attempting to get policy and action changed or simply for the sake of being thugs," Schadler said.

Leaders of environmental groups opposed to the Rosemont Copper Mine and the Interstate-10 bypass said they condemned the attacks.

A spokesman for Chuk'shon Earth First, which held a protest against the Rosemont Copper Mine on the day of the latest attacks, said, "Those are tactics that Earth First doesn't engage in.

Gayle Hartmann, president of a group trying to prevent the mine from being built on U.S. Forest Service land in the Santa Rita Mountains south of Tucson, said such actions do nothing to help her cause.

"We've made a special point to make sure the huge amount of public opposition to the mine is respectfully resolved," Hartman said.

Her group, Save the Scenic Santa Ritas, is working with other groups and Arizona's congressional delegation to stop the mine's construction.
Kathy Arnold, who is director of environmental and regulatory affairs for Rosemont Copper, said she did not understand why she was targeted.
"It's an irrational thing to do. I go to work each day and I'm thankful to have a job and to work for a good company."

University of Arizona police referred questions about the attack on the researcher's house to Arizona Health Sciences Center spokesman George Humphrey. Humphrey said all he knew was what he read on the Web site.
"This sad example of malicious vandalism and intimidation is absolutely unacceptable and should be repugnant to everyone. This dangerous and unlawful behavior clearly threatens our scientists and their families as well as the safety of our community," Humphrey said.

Humphrey said he could not recall similar acts directed against researchers. "They've done protests in front of the Health Sciences, that's been it, as far as I know."

Schadler, the San Francisco FBI agent, said researchers' homes have been firebombed in California by "that fringe group of people that has decided to completely ignore the law and engage in terrorism in the truest sense of the word."

"In a country that has so many options to make one's voice heard or to alter policy both legally and in the realm of civil disobedience, it is unconscionable for these people to be engaging in violent acts to change policy," Schadler said.


River Forest, IL: Cop Cars Vandalized and Set Ablaze

An arson investigation is underway following a vandalism spree that damaged four River Forest government cars early Friday, including the burning of a squad car and a community service (Cop) officer’s car.

Besides the two police vehicles, two of the village’s Public Works Department vehicles had windows smashed out.

All four were parked just west of Village Hall. One of the squad cars was extensively damaged, the other is being repaired.


Fresno, CA: ALF Superglues Locks of Fast Food Chains

Inspired by all of the beautiful actions against animal exploitation and murder by the FLAM in Mexico, we decided to take action.

In Fresno, CA, for the second time in a week, all the locks on a Carl's JR. Fast Food outlet were superglued. These actions were quiet, quick, and incredibly easy to pull off.

We hope it caused a headache for the owners and managers and forced them to shell out hundreds of dollars in repairs and insurance deductibles, in addition to the lost sales.

Take small and constant actions for animals in your own towns.



Modesto, CA: Anarchists Expropriate Food

People of the Valley,

Everywhere the desert of capital expands – we offer an oasis to drink from.

We, the Robin Hoods, take credit for providing the massive amounts of free food that was left in the Airport District park of Modesto California last week, early in the morning. The food we left ranged from rice, beans, and other staples, and was available free of charge to anyone who wished to take it. To make our intentions for the action clear, we left behind a banner at the scene which read, "Resist the Recession! - ROB THE RICH!" The food was appropriated from various capitalists - and was thus free (and very easy) to obtain.

We chose to distribute this food free of charge because the Airport District is one of the neighborhoods hit the worst by the ongoing recession. Our communities are suffering from homelessness and foreclosure, poverty and job layoffs, police brutality and environmental pollution. Let this act be just a note in the chorus of resistance that will soon bring this system down.

We believe that solidarity others means attack against common enemies. We have thus carried out this action not only to attack the capitalists directly and distribute food free of charge to our friends and neighbors, but also to denounce the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors, which recently voted down a needle exchange program that would help stop the spread of HIV and Hepatitis and give direct aid to those addicted to various drugs. This decision directly affects those living in the Airport Neighborhood, as it is an area with a high amount of heroin use. We were also inspired to carry out this action by the recent case of Turlock man, Danny Armenta, 48, who was arrested after attempting to walk out of a store with over $100 in groceries. They can get one of us, but they can't get all of us. As the recession heats up - so must our resistance. From the ongoing job layoffs in the valley to the recent closing of Teel Middle School in Empire due to budget cuts, if we don't start fighting directly - soon we will have nothing left to fight for.

In solidarity with those from the streets of Greece, China, Iceland, Mexico, the United States and beyond who are fighting this monster we call capitalism.

The Robin Hoods

More of this would be amazing.


Gilroy, CA: Riot At High School

Most of Gilroy High School's 3000 students got to go home early today - those that didn't leave in handcuffs, that is. On a day that state officials were visiting GHS to consider it for an academic award, students embarassed the administration by engaging in food fights. The administrators' response was to promptly called the cops, who arrived in force with riot gear and dispersed a large crowd of students. At least 11 students were arrested and the school says there are 15-20 more it plans to "discipline".

The school said the fights were "gang-related", then had to backpedal on that statement. A number of comments from students on the
Gilroy Dispatch article also contradict this claim. GHS officials admit that there were no weapons used or significant injuries. Reportedly around 100 people, but possibly a lot more -- the majority of the school, according to one student, and official estimates always underestimate the participation in disorders -- participated in the second incident, mostly by throwing food, before it was broken up by police. "A lot of kids think this is a big joke, but it's not," groaned Principal James Maxwell in dismay.

Obviously, there are at least 11 kids who know this. As for the rest, was the creation of disorder in the prison-like institutional setting enjoyable? Why shouldn't it have been? Was it somehow planned to go down on the day the state reviewers came? In any case, students posting to the Dispatch website report a lot more disgust and fear towards the actions of police and administrators than any of their peers', "gang member" or no. The early dismissal was announced on the basis of alleged threats of drive-by shooting -- not very likely, with the school already crawling with cops; more likely in an attempt to spread terror among students and their families.

Of course, there is talk about gang members and illegal immigrants, about measures to control and discipline youth within the institution of school, or perhaps jail -- where is the line exactly? -- and prevent the formation of visible crews of any sort. In other words, restrictions on movement, expression and association, all in the name of rationality and the kids' best interest. What if their best interest is realized by actions like disrupting the institution shaping them to be cogs in the social machinery?

In resisting the institutions, not just schools but jails and nation-states, which keep us caged, struggle is never easy and always must deal with the problem of the ruling class's armed enforcers. We applaud the youth of Gilory, north side, south side, food fighters, whatever, who delivered this blow against their jailers' prestige, found enjoyment in disrupting the school day and got to leave early. As the corporate operators of a West Texas immigration prison and their allies in law enforcement recently found out, collective resistance to an institutional structure by its inmates can be extremely cost-effective (as much as $20 million in this case, in fact).

This fall GHS had a bit of scandal with an English teacher getting paid leave while being investigated by Gilroy Police, who determined she slapped or shoved 3 students in a class for English as a Second Language students.

No more classes, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks!
For social war and collective action against all institutional frameworks!