Thursday, February 5, 2009

Olympia, WA: Rebels Attack Catholic Church

Knives out.

For far over a millennia the Catholic Church has suppressed, tortured, raped & killed any form of dissidence that stood in their way of total conquest. They have depopulated & destroyed entire continents to build their empire & have left all of their followers emotionally wounded & unable to enter into healthy, loving relationships with the people & world around them.

Catholicism is a vile, putrid, infectious disease of misery that has spread across the globe, leaving uncountable acts of horror in its wake. Christianity has killed more people than Cancer.

So last night we super glued locks, wrote our blasphemic messages & broke 6 windows at a Catholic Church in west Olympia.

War on their God. War in their heavens.

~Some Rebels


Criminal Anarchy said...

nihilistdadafraktion said...

anarchism makes me vomit

destroy everything

Anonymous said...

Continual War Issue #1
Some notes on this Project:

Continual War is a biannual anonymous publication focused on the recent attacks in the Northwest and across the West Coast. It will be coming out every six months. This biannual list of attacks is a time of laborious joy. Gathering communiques from online, reading newspaper articles and checking up to date anarchist sites for recent attacks.
One of the many reasons Continual War is put together. Is to expand upon the already pre-existing tensions and situations within capital and civilization. Seen in a wider context as part of a larger project of a network of individuals. That find it essential to break out of the existing anarchist models inherit in this subcultural void that plagues the US, and the waking giant that is the ever coming social war. A rise of interest has been sparked in the US towards an insurrectionary anarchist focus.
But as to what is typically considered an anarchist project (in the US). Forming bike collectives, Food Not Bombs chapters, collective houses, info-shops, etcetera, is very much the opposite as to what a project is in Europe, Canada, Chile and other continents. Where one going into these projects (that are typically not charity-esc types of activities that leftists, activists and radicals partake in out of a sense of humanity) with a critical analysis of what it is, that one is doing, an intentional beginning and focus and a direct confrontation with the existent (via Plan A or Plan B). The anarchism found in the US is a very recuperated form of what it is comparatively to European counter-parts.
This is part of that focus. To draw analysis and proposals for discussion and debate that are much warranted here in the States. Because if this rise and interest is to actually become something - an all out social war - than without any kind of communication between autonomous individuals, groups, collectives, whatever it is as a collection of bodies or a body is. Then how effective and practical is this all to be?

Link to the Publication:

Anonymous said...

I encourage people to read some of the interesting discussion that has resulted from this action by the rebels. Seems like a really heated discussion, complete with lots of weird references to the Big Lebowski and a reference to Spinal Tap. Ten bucks to whoever finds the Spinal Tap reference.

down with olympia! up with anarchy!