Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lawrence, KS: March in Solidarity With Palestine & Greece

On the night of Saturday January 31st, a crowd of over 50 people took to the streets of Lawrence, Kansas to show physical solidarity with the ongoing struggles against state violence in Gaza, Greece, Oakland, Augusta and beyond. Most of the participants were from Lawrence, but comrades from the blossoming Prairie Fire anarchist network from Omaha, Kansas City, and Oklahoma City were also well represented.

The marchers took over Kentucky Street, a major arterial street in the Oread Neighborhood, with large banners, torches and drums. Chants of "From Oakland to Greece, fuck the police!" and "From Lawrence to Iraq, the war is on every block!" echoed throughout the student neighborhood. Dozens of people came out of their homes along the march route, and hundreds of statements explaining the reasons for the march were handed out along the way.

Police tried to order the marchers from the streets at various points, but were greeted with hostility each time. The march snaked from South Park through the Oread Neighborhood and back down Massachusetts Street, the main downtown area of Lawrence.

Marchers broke off at several points and left spraypainted messages about the police and state violence along side streets and buildings on the route. Kentucky street remained closed for at least a half an hour after the marchers left that street, as fire crews responded to burning debris in the road.

The march ended near the site of the murder of Tiger Dowdell, a black anti-imperialist militant, who was killed by the police in 1970. No arrests were made, and the confrontational tone of the march set a precedent for future actions against state repression.


Anonymous said...

Palestine is the correct spelling

Anonymous said...

I might agree with this cause, and I absolutely support the right to march down the street, even block traffic for a while. But what is the point of spray-painting our town and setting fires? What did Lawrence do to urge you to retaliate in such a fashion? This is a global issue, and vandalizing our town isn't going to do anything except cost taxpayers more money, and give the impression that you're obnoxious little punks. You think that gets anybody on your side?

You can bomb the world into pieces, but you can't bomb the world into peace.