Monday, February 9, 2009

Fort Benning, GA: Arson At JAG

Fort Benning JAG employees look on in disbelief at the crumbling building that used to be a home away from home.

Still smoldering from Friday night's fire, the historic building a total loss.

"The initial responders were military police, and they tried to fight the fire internally, but the flames were too much, the smoke was too much. They left the structure, and then the firefighters got there and went inside, but the flames were too severe and they had to fight the fire from outside," said Lt. Col. Kevin Clarke, the Provost Marshal at Fort Benning.

The fire raged for several hours, engulfing the entire building.

Power to the surrounding houses even when out when the fire took out a nearby transformer.

The real devastation, though, comes in the loss of information.

The JAG office deals with all legal issues on post, from civil and criminal court cases, to injury claims and personal wills.

Years of paperwork, in addition to dozens of computers holding sensitive case information, have been burned beyond recognition.

Even though most information was backed up, the main server was inside the building.

No one knows if anything can be recovered.


Anonymous said...

this wasn't necessarily an arson

Anonymous said...

HAHA! Yes it was