Monday, January 26, 2009

Tucson, AZ: H.A.N.D Targets I-10 Highway Scumbag

On January 20th, Tucson's chapter of HAND (Hooligans Attack at Night, Duh!) paid a visit to Si Schorr's house. We wanted to give him a special going away party.

January 15th marked the last day of Si's role as Chairman of the Arizona State Transportation Board, but not his last chance to profit from his pet project, the I-10 Bypass, as a real estate lawyer. We etched slogans like "No I-10 Bypass," "Glad You're Gone, Chairman," and "Protect Arizona's Wildlife" on his windows and redecorated his big garage door with a huge "Fuck You, Fuck the I-10 Bypass." Sorry we couldn't contain ourselves on our way out from splattering gigantic blobs of paint on your driveway and sidewalk. Not!

The I-10 Bypass would destroy huge swaths of our beautiful desert home in Southern Arizona. The Bypass is only going to profit real estate developers (and their lawyers), and transnational corporations. I-10, a corridor of the future, is a crucial part of the CANAMEX Corridor, which, if built, will make the Tucson area a part of the new artery for NAFTA traffic in the Western US. This Bypass has seen rowdy opposition as each new alignment is proposed. Four down, one to go.

Dear Si:
We will hold you accountable for all of the harm that you are causing by pushing this plan through. The wild places and animals demand that you get fucked with nonstop until the road is canceled. Maybe you don't understand how we could care so much. Remember that we are watching you!

You're our special scumbag--and this one was just for fun.


Anonymous said...

Social Storm.
I'd like to talk to you about Tucson H.A.A.N.D.
Tom Beal
Arizona Daily Star
(520) 573-4158

Guy Sagi said...

I too would be interested in hearing your side of the story, but from a national perspective instead of local. Being born and raised in Tucson, when this came across my desk it certainly piqued my interest.

Guy J. Sagi
Editor in Chief
Shooting Illustrated
(703) 267-1375

Anonymous said...

Hippie Pukes, nothing more than cowards who hide behind your website and useless threats!

Please send your goth fags, tree huggers, and stoned out liberals to my house to cement my water pipes......Would love nothing more to meet up with your "band of haands" in the middle of the night, trespassing on my property.......CAN YOU SAY ICU........Your organization is a joke, because you are a joke!

Must suck to have a meaningless life.........Please re-surface in Tucson, so we can hunt you down!