Sunday, January 18, 2009

Olympia, WA: Torch Lit Anti-Police March "Turns Violent"

Upwards of 45 people gathered across the street from the celebration of the re-opening of the Timberland Library to discuss what to do about the recent murders committed by police and how we can better show solidarity with the rebels in Greece and Oakland.

After deciding what to do with the night, the crowd lit torches, pulled up face masks, picked up signs & took to the streets.

At first, the march was silent and angry; then after walking around downtown some buskers joined in and played banjo, singing anti-police and Woody Guthrie songs. Several people pulled out road flares, held them up and then threw them onto the street. Some held signs that said "Fight Back", "Fire All Cops" & "Liar, Liar, Cops on Fire". Some screamed "Fuck the Police!", "Beneath the Concrete Lies the World of Our Dreams" and "Destroy Misery"; there was little chanting.

After doing a loop around downtown, picking up others along the way, the march made towards the police station on the Westside of Olympia.

Approaching the station, and noticing they were being tailed by police cruisers, a few people ran into a parking lot and pulled a dumpster into the road and flipped it over, completely blocking the police from advancing toward the march.

Those in the crowd looked around, reassured each other and then surged toward the police station, pelting it with stones and torches before dispersing into the surrounding neighborhood.

During the dispersal at least one cop car had its window busted out. Some people reported to have heard fireworks.

3 people were arrested, 10 detained. One of the arrested was stopped with a loaded handgun pointing at his face. The 3 were later released on bail and had received misdemeanor charges. As for the people who ditched their bikes to get away, the police took them for "evidence" and they will most likely not be returned.

With tensions mounting over the role of the police in maintaining the social pyramid we found it apt to step it up a notch and target the police themselves. This type of action can be carried out with little preparation and very few people. It is reproducible and a great way to bring the resistance home.

Stop spectating and join in.

This is global Social War!

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