Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Olympia, WA: Catholic Church Attacked

Fight Back

Late last night I paid a visit to the Catholic Church. I super-glued every single one of their locks and smashed up a few windows. I’m sure everyone who’s ever committed an act of sabotage knows how amazing that feeling is. If you don’t, you should really just try it for yourself.

I am just fed up with the atrocities committed by the Church and it’s time to make them suffer for all the misery they have imposed on the world: The witch killings, the genocide of the indigenous, the negation of the body, slavery, the wars of conquest, the destruction of the wild, their complicity in the Nazi holocaust, and everything else they’ve ever done. I’m sick of it and I’m not going to take it anymore.

Now they’ve called for a peace after Oscar Grant’s murder in Oakland, saying he was in a better place now (away from his girlfriend and child) and then had the nerve to denounce the following riots. The Church are murderers, they killed every single culture whose path they’ve crossed and now they’re calling for peace? Fuck that, I want war.

Christianity needs to be burnt at the stake.

All this action took was stolen super-glue, a bicycle, a face mask, some gloves and a hammer. I approached the building at night through the side entrance, left my bike near the road by some trees and then put a tooth pick into a lock and then squirted in the glue (so as to help the glue stick better) and repeated this five more times. Then I got out the hammer and smashed a few windows, ran to my bike and rode back home. On the ride home I threw away the super-glue containers in a dumpster.

This action is in solidarity to the rioters in Oakland and Greece, Bash Back!, native warriors Still resisting the church and the 2010 Olympic Games and whoever burned down Sarah Palin’s church.

Smash Things Up in the Night!

~A Renegade Angel


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Anonymous said...

thank you.

burned witches
burned indians
burned spanish anarchists circa 1936