Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Olympia, WA: Businesses Have Their Locks Super Glued Shut

(this is extremely reproducible)

As I was walking on the Westside last night, I decided to glue some locks and maybe a few ATMs. It was totally spur of the moment and a whole lot of fun. It feels great to act out against this bleak corporate landscape.

Key Bank was the first target and received a healthy squirt of glue in the card slots of their drive-thru ATMs. I’m not exactly sure what specific kind of misery they cause, but I see them everywhere and that means they’re up to no good. Besides they’re a bank, a symbol of capitalism and should therefore be attacked.

The next business was Pizza Hut. They are responsible for the murder of millions of animals in factory farms, the systematic rape of dairy cows, the destruction of ecosystems, the exploitation of workers, the constant bombardment of advertisements, and contributing to this disgusting monoculture that we are forced to inhabit. So it was my pleasure to glue their locks.

Then it was on to Firestone. Cars are a major cause of global climate change, pollution, exploitation and death. Cars lead to roads which lead to fragmentation of land which causes destruction of wild habitats. Personally I hate breathing their fucking poison every time I walk down the street. Their locks were also glued shut.

Finally I went to Subway Sandwiches. I am so tired of seeing them everywhere I go, I had to get those fuckers and I had enough left for both of their locks. The Subway Corporation is responsible for the misery of animals in factory farms and slaughterhouses, the exploitation of workers, the destruction of wild spaces and just add to the nausea that is daily life.

This act is small, I know, but may it add to the overall struggle against corporate dominance and the commodification of daily life.

~ An Anarchist


Anonymous said...

ST. LOUIS COUNTY: Woman accused in attack against ex-boss's camper


A woman upset at being fired from her job is accused of tossing a homemade explosive device under the camper of her former boss.

Sandra Gravot, 50, of Belleville, was charged Monday in St. Louis County Circuit Court with unlawful possession of an explosive weapon. Gravot allegedly put a lit bottle containing gasoline under the camper in the carport of a home in the 9500 block of Lindsley Court in south St. Louis County, according to the warrant.

Anonymous said...

how fucking lame. this is not a revolution, it's simple, childish vandalism that tarnishes the name of anarchy and will get you nowhere but disrespected.