Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oakland, CA: Anarchists Smash ATMs

Last night we smashed 2 ATMs at 20th and Broadway in solidarity with the rebels who lit up Oakland on Wednesday night, and as a reminder to everyone else that this is about class, not just race or a specific instance of police violence.

We are all involved in a class conflict which politics cannot contain. Police violence doesn't happen in a vacuum; it happens because there is a capitalist economy based on property and the circulation of commodities, which the police defend and enforce on behalf of the rich. For the rest of us - the exploited and excluded classes - riots and sabotage will be the weapons we use.

The one upside to the world being colonized by the state/capital system is that there are targets everywhere, so conspire with your friends! We are free only when we revolt; we won't be truly free until we totally destroy the current system. Pull back the iron curtain of law and order, and nurture the capacities of rebellious community... Breaking things at night is somewhere to start.

A word on ATM attacks: we highly recommend these based on the relatively high monetary damage it causes to financial institutions for how incredibly easy they are to carry out. Just make sure to use a hammer with a heavier head than your typical nail-driving hammer and hopefully you can get done more than we did!

Social war is 24-7-365!
Solidarity means attack!

with love in our hearts and fire in our eyes,


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