Monday, January 19, 2009

Milwaukee, WI: Anarchists Attack U.S Bank

Nearing bar close Monday morning the 19th of January, as we walked a few wandering drunks asked us if we were ninjas. One of us quickly replied "Yes, We ARE ninjas" and then seconds later the group continued on forward and proceeded to smash both ATMs, smash at least 9 windows (some of them bullet proof), destroy one camera and spraypaint "This is war" on the drive up window facade of a US bank building in Milwaukee. The group then seemingly disappeared.""Our laundry list of solidarity is far too long. We recognize that what we are up against is not a series of mishaps, corrupt and evil corporations, the good gone bad, but a system of control, and to act in solidarity is to work toward the annihilation of this control through acts of willed connectedness (as well as the fracture of what separates us).

This broken bank is but one contribution toward the discourse we are building.

We would like to contribute that we start believing again in the myth that we are a force not to be reckoned with.



Anonymous said...

bahahaha, oh my god this video is fucking HILARIOUS

Feral Edge Revenge said...

Thank you for responding the complaints regarding the misguided anti-Israel actions, your blog continues to be my favorite page on the interweb.

Anonymous said...

seriously... a water park in wisconsin in january???!?! what????

Anonymous said...

anarchists hate water parks.