Saturday, January 24, 2009

Los Angeles, CA: Old Man Robs 12 Banks in One Month

In the latest of a series of brazen thefts, a bank robber suspected of holding up at least a dozen banks in the Los Angeles area this month struck again this afternoon.

Nicknamed the salt & pepper bandit because of his graying hair hit a Bank of America at 11501 Santa Monica Blvd. around 12:18 p.m.

The robber is believed to be responsible for at least 12 bank heists between Jan 5. and Jan. 22.

Among the banks targeted were three Citibank branches in the Valley, Willowbrook and Rancho Park and three Washington Mutual banks in Westlake and Seal Beach and on North Fairfax Avenue. Branches of First Bank, First Federal, Wells Fargo, Union Bank, Cal Bank and US Bank in the Los Angeles area were also robbed.

There were three days in which the robber struck twice, sometimes less than an hour apart.

“He’s become aggressive to the point where he’s having fun with it.”

Harding said the robber usually passes the bank teller a note demanding cash. Authorities don't know whether he was armed or how much money he took.


a social storm is approaching us said...

Yes that's the mayor of Oakland. Fuck that guy.

Anonymous said...

12 Banks? That's a pretty prolific bankrobber.