Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Contra Costa County, CA: Weapons Stolen From Vandalized Police Cars

Burglars who forced their way into a secured Contra Costa County sheriff's lot ransacked several patrol cars and stole weapons inside.

Three Colt semi-automatic assault rifles and a Remington shotgun were taken from cars parked in the lot at 1900 Muir Road between Monday night and Tuesday morning.

The break-in is similar to one in mid-December at a California Highway Patrol field office lot a little more than a mile away, at 5001 Blum Road, during which CHP cruisers were broken into and rifles and ammunition were stolen.

In the most recent incident, the burglars cut through a fence and used "heavy-duty equipment" to pry open the patrol car doors. In one instance, a softball-size hole had been bored into a car's door panel.

In freeing the weapons that were secured by harnesses and electric locks, the burglars severely damaged the cars.

The lot has no video surveillance. Investigators believe that multiple burglars were involved, and that they are locally based.

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Anonymous said...

question comrades - is the implication here that anarchists were behind this too? or is it another 'sympathetic' rereporting of some other person(s) 'criminal' behavior (a la the target or bank robbing incidences)?

i'm asking because so far, you've gone out of your way to take credit for window attacks on ATMs and police stations but this one appears to be too hot to touch, correct? i mean, there's a world of difference between vandalism and appropriating the weapons of the state for yourself - i'm guessing that legally speaking, you're being extra careful about this action, if it indeed was your doing.