Friday, January 9, 2009

Berkeley, CA: Attack on Police Station

smashy smashy

Last night at 3:00 a.m. we attacked the police station across the street from Ashby BART. All of its front windows were smashed out with bricks. If the pigs think they can keep getting away with murder; they’ve got another thing coming. May this small action help to fuel the fires of the uprising spawned by the most recent murder at the hands of the armed thugs of capital.

On January 1st, 22 year old Oscar Grant was executed by Officer Johannes Mehserle of the BART police in plain view of a number of people while he was laying face down on the ground with his hands behind his back and reportedly handcuffed. Had his death not been captured on film and viewed by millions of people, this would undoubtedly be covered up and justified like the countless others murdered by the pigs in this country every year. Unfortunately for officer Mehserle, this cold blooded execution inspired hundreds of people to fight back against the pigs and the fucked up system they attempt to protect.

We wanted to let everyone know how easy this was to pull off in case you find yourself walking the streets at night and need some ideas how to safely take file your complaint against the pigs. With gloved hands we grabbed some bricks from the neighborhood around the corner. We approached out of view of any cameras, as to not leave them with any identifying images. Pulling on our masks, we casually approached when no cars were driving by and spent a total of 15 seconds hurling the bricks through their thick plate glass windows. We quickly got off the main street and disappeared into the night. This communiqué was written so our attack would not go unreported and was originally posted from a public computer to a website that does not store IP information.

Smash things up in the night! Don’t get caught!

From Athens to the East Bay – the fire of rebellion is spreading.

This is only the beginning.

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Anonymous said...

How does throwing a rock through a window make the police "not get away with it"? This is insane reasoning.

If you want to make sure the police "don't get away with it" go after the mofo killer cop and end him. Otherwise your actions have no connection with the comrade's murder, and produce no meaningful consequences to the police.

It would also take more courage.

Stop congratulating yourself on childish pranks.